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Your Vents, Thursday, Feb. 28

* If Ted Kennedy were alive, I would ask him, "When will the bleeding stop?" Seniors are having a real tough time making it and so does the middle class. For example, my electric bill went up 30 percent and my long-term care went up $130 a month. Who will be the next Ted Kennedy to rise up and help the seniors and the middle class?

* This comment is for the person who gave kudos to Dr. Ben Carson for speaking against Obama. We voted for Obama. He is the president. It is over.

* If alcohol and tobacco are legal, marijuana should be legal. It is less harmful than either one of those. No one cares what a handful of naysayers thinks. Most people want it to be legal. They can sell it at liquor stores and tax it. We waste a lot of money trying to eradicate it.

* The police chief of South Charleston complained about not having enough police to do the job. They have more than 40 officers for this small town. They should stay off of the interstate and stop having several cars show up at every little fender-bender. The last chief did more with fewer officers.  

* After reading about how and why Rockefeller came to West Virginia, I'd like to read something about how Patrick Morrisey came to be a West Virginia politician.

* Who gave Mountaineer Gas the right to charge me $9.95 for a customer service charge to read my meter? Did the PSC do it or did the gas company do it on their own?

* If the fat cats up at the Capitol are going to raise the gas tax, then they need to take a pay cut.

* Instead of Nitro's mayor beautifying his office with taxpayer money, he should send a street crew down at the old Sattes School to pick up the trash and two gas tanks that are cluttering things up.

* Regular DOH employees deserve a raise without being bundled with the teachers and the higher-ups in the DOH.

* I agree that something needs to be done at the St. Albans entrance ramp of the interstate going toward Charleston. There is so little time to merge before you get to the bridge, and drivers don't let you merge easily.

* Do we need to call Judge Judy to get rid of the loud cars? Our police don't do anything about it.

* I can't believe our Legislature is thinking about putting more tax on our gas. They don't know how to manage the money they have now; look at our roads. A tax increase won't make a bit of difference.

* Thank you, dear God, for control of the universe during four more years of Obama.

* Thanks to the guy and gal at CAMC's valet parking last week. I was a nervous wreck and they made sure everything was OK and helped me through it.

* The president is out golfing with Tiger Woods while the price of gas continues to rise. What a joke.

* Someone needs to thank Darrell McGraw for his wisdom in the tobacco settlement. Otherwise our governor wouldn't be able to go after that money for Medicaid.

* What amazes me is men who have a baby with their girlfriend, don't pay attention to the child, are in and out of the house, and then when she goes to court for child support, the man wants full custody of the child so he doesn't have to pay any child support.  


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