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Your vents, Friday, March 1, 2013

  • The Daily Mail is a wonderful and informative newspaper with great variety, news and photographs of nature and activities. I really appreciate it.
  • Well, Danny is in it again. He is going to remove the B&O taxes from businesses and add it onto the sales taxes that consumers pay. The businesses are the ones who profit from the Civic Center. If that isn't enough, he will raise the user fee. Danny has got to go.
  • Obama is planning a trip to 100 different cities. Who knows what he will talk about? I doubt he even knows. He is painting a dire picture of what will happen when the sequester goes through. We don't have the money for his tour.
  • The newspaper article's headline said that the Republican Party was going the way of the Whig Party. It should read that leftist policies are sending America the way of socialist Europe; in shambles economically.
  • They will cut the air traffic controllers, the newest ones who haven't been there as long. They are playing politics as usual. Everyone should make an equal sacrifice.
  • Women on welfare should not have their tubes tied after two children. This would be just as inhumane as abortion. Instead, they should be informed that after two children they get no more money.
  • If you want to raise city taxes to refurbish and maintain the Civic Center, fine. You also have the Clay Center. But get rid of the Municipal Auditorium because we do not need all three.
  • Republican Patrick Morrissey wants to stop frivolous spending of taxpayer money and Democrat Erik Wells objects. Democrats want to give magistrates a pay raise and Republicans object. President Obama wants more spending and Republicans object. Do you see the pattern?
  • WVU and Marshall would both enjoy successful basketball, football and baseball seasons if they would only accept the fact that they need to step down. They cannot successfully compete in the Big 12 or Conference USA.
  • I don't go to a certain consignment sale at a local religious establishment because they only allow you to enter through the front door which has several steps up to it, and I can't handle the steps. So I don't go.
  • The Multifest board of directors made more enemies during that travesty of a town hall meeting they had Saturday night. You stated in private that no questions were going to be asked. What is the definition of a town hall meeting?
  • It is totally false that first responders will lose their jobs in the sequester. Obama lied about that. It is up to cities and towns to pay them. He wants the American people to call on him and cry on his shoulder when they need help.
  • The three major networks - NBC, ABC and CBS - will start losing viewers because of the love affair they have with President Obama.
  • This is for the man driving a late-model black car on Feb. 22 on MacCorkle Avenue in the 3500 block at 1:30 p.m. You cut me off with inches to spare in bumper-to-bumper traffic. That is the second time you have done this.
  • No woman will ever win the Daytona 500 race. Women are raised with dolls and men are raised with guns and cars.
  • I remember our fearless leader President Obama promised no tax increases for the middle class and an abundance of new jobs. My net pay keeps decreasing while the price of gas, utilities, food and property taxes keep going up. I'm bringing home far less than I did four years ago. It is time to impeach this liar.
  • Once again the party of the rich, the Republicans, is crying because Obama wants to raise the minimum wage. What is wrong with that? Come on; people deserve a raise.
  • While we are warm and comfortable in our homes, the pets you abandon are cold, hungry and lonely. Some will freeze, some will be killed on our roads, and some will be eaten by coyotes. I wish the situation were reversed.
  • I see the "Buckwild" cast member is charged with a DUI. MTV made them think they are famous. Now they think they are above the law and cannot be touched. I think the show should be taken off of the air.
  • I am terribly concerned about the cutting of the HIV funding to the Kanawha Charleston Health Department.  
  • If the Board of Education ever wants me to vote for another one of their levies, they are going to have to fund the library and fund it big. I don't have children in the school system, and I have voted for all of their levies all of this time, but I use the public library every single week. They need to fund it.
  • People have short memories and they are stupid and gullible. The sequester mandatory cuts were put there by the president in the first place and now he blames the Republicans.
  • The evidence is clear.  Educational preschool programs do prepare young children for high achievement in school.
  • The idea for the sequester came from President Obama, Harry Reid, Jack Lew and some other guy. There is proof of it. Yet, Obama wants to ruin the Republicans any way he can.


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