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Your Vents, Monday, March 4

* Obama is giving $340 million to an insurance company. It is to help set up the insurance exchanges in the states as part of Obamacare that goes in effect in 2014. That company supported and gave money to his election campaign.

* Thank you, Gov. Tomblin, for saying that it is OK to come to work and be laid off and my employer doesn't have to pay me for work done. What does a laid-off worker tell the utility companies when they cut your service off for non-payment? I am moving to another state where I can work.

* The Academy Awards were the worst this year. MacFarlane was out of line and adding Michelle was a mistake.

* There is nothing wrong with West Virginia being different. The fact that Steve Roberts is all about business and forgets the worker is wrong. Moving on is one thing; being terminated is another. They need payment within 72 hours because they need their money.

* If that auto dealer would stop making those stupid commercials he might make it as the number one dealer for that auto type in America.

* I think every adult in Kanawha County has purchased a gun. It isn't safe to be out of your house.

* That is how it is in life. The nice one gets left out. The nice one gets taken advantage of.

* The GOP made a big deal about Michelle Obama presenting an Oscar. Why didn't they say anything about Laura Bush being on the Oscars? So, so sad.

* With all of the negative articles I read about Obama and his policies, actions and proposals, someone should start impeachment proceedings against him. He is ruining this country.

* Uncle Joe has done it again. Now he says Americans aren't worried about the economy. What he means is that Washington doesn't worry about it because it won't touch them. It will touch the American people.

* Rich Stevens' recent article on top basketball officials in the Kanawha Valley was ridiculous and beyond realistic because all officials do not work at all schools. How is a school coach going to rate an official they haven't seen? For a true rating go to www., click on scheduling, and you will see the true top officials.

* What is it with Danny Jones and the Charleston Civic Center managers suddenly declaring they need millions to fix the Civic Center? They didn't know this last spring when we could have voted on it? Or was this tax-ambush planned to come at a date after the election? I can shop less and also do it elsewhere. Think about that, Danny Jones.

* Uncle Joe Biden has made so many blunders in the last four years that someone could write a book about them. Someone should write a book about them. It would be a laugh a minute and a best seller.

* Evidently some simpleton needs some help in understanding that properly buried utility and electric lines are 100 percent protected from all the snow, wind and thunderstorms that come. Therefore, repairs are not necessary.

* To the person talking about gun control sissy: Obviously after reading their vent, they didn't require you to take an IQ test with your gun. If you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't defend anybody with your self-defense gun. That is the most ludicrous phrase I've ever heard in my life.


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