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Your vents for Tuesday, March 12

  • All doctors should read Sunday's Parade. It should be a great inspiration for them. They just want to stay on computers, not touch the patient or even look them in the eye. Read about that country doctor.

  • We have budget cuts all over our country. We owe China trillions of dollars, but we send Egypt and Syria millions of dollars. This is unbelievable.
  • Creating the transit mall may have seemed like a good idea on paper, but is the worst mistake the city and KRT could have made. They either need a police precinct there or open Laidley Street to traffic and make it a regular bus stop because it is just a scene for additional crimes to happen like the young man being beaten.
  • How do you motivate someone to go out and look for work - any work? Well, necessity is the mother of invention. If you need food and a place to stay and there is no other way, you will work for it.
  • I don't support teachers unions. The teachers aren't doing their jobs and that is why West Virginia always ranks 60th in education.
  • What kind of people would stand by idly and watch a person be beaten savagely? They even took cellphone shots of it. God help you.
  • Right when things are looking a little bit better in this country and the stock market is climbing, idiot Glenn Beck is telling the people to take their money out of the stock market. Why is he trying to ruin this country?
  • The King Coal Highway, which is just over a year old, already has major cracks in the concrete pavement. It was built on fill dirt and isn't a very good highway.
  • All of the gloom and doom and despair the government states will be the result of the sequester reminds me of the song on "Hee-Haw" a few years ago. If you remember the song, then that is the point Obama is trying to make.
  • Concerning global warming, since when was man granted the power to control the weather on the earth? This doesn't make any sense to me. We have volcanoes and escaping methane gas across millions of square miles on the ocean floor. Think about it. Man does not control the weather.
  • Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast. Now severe weather is hitting across the country, including Pennsylvania. I think it is God's way of punishing Obama.
  • President Obama focuses on the three "Gs," guns, gays and global warming, while the rest of us wonder whether we can buy gas just to get around.
  • Good grief. House Bill 2504, which in part states that it would be a felony for U.S. law enforcement officials to enforce federal gun laws in West Virginia, proves that these people are not only cowards, but they are idiots.
  • We have had several beatings at the Charleston transit mall. Do like the mayor did to the bar on Capitol Street - just shut it down.
  • It would be nice to have a Denny's in St. Albans where the old Shoney's used to be.
  • If you are digging a water line or opening a business of any kind, just call Shelley Capito and she will be there to get her picture in the newspaper.
  • Going east through Kanawha City to get on the ramp to the turnpike is hard. It is covered on both sides and has been neglected for years.
  • All of you good Baptists who believe that God's hand is in all things must be thrilled that he hand-picked Barack Obama for four more years.
  • Dollar Danny, or is it two-dollar Danny, is at it again. How long will it take that half-cent tax to become two cents?

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