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Your vents for Thursday, March 14

  • If the Kanawha County public library is such an important part of the public education system, why are they open all day during the week when children are in school and not able to go to the library? It seems to be disingenuous and hypocritical.

  • Do we really need to see Obama's speeches on the Weather Channel?
  • Please ask Jay Rockefeller who is going to pay for Obamacare after two or three years. The people of West Virginia will because the federal government is not.
  • If we don't fund the library, will we drop from 48th to 49th place in student education?
  • Hoppy Kercheval is wrong. The goal isn't to get the best teacher in the classroom. It is to get the best education possible for the students.
  • I think the governor is trying to restore common sense to the process of hiring teachers.
  • Commenting on Ron Duerring and Carol Hamrick's comments on teachers' use of leave time: I've been a Kanawha County school employee for years and I've never known of full-time 280-day-a-year teachers to get three personal days, three family illness days and three personal illness days. Are they confused?
  • Rand Paul's 13-hour filibuster regarding drone strikes and confirmation of John Brennan as CIA director was a stroke of genius.
  • Osama bin Laden's son-in-law has been here since March 1. He just pleads not guilty to killing Americans on Sept. 11, 2001. He shouldn't be here. What if there are Bin Laden operatives here and he escapes?
  • If you need to know anything at all, you can go to a computer. Why have libraries?
  • Someone should have told WVU's athletic director it was going to be difficult to compete with the big boys.
  • I thought this year we might have a chance to get a bill through the legislature for education reform. Now I see where the governor has sold out to the teacher's union and it is the same old thing. We won't have anything.
  • Why is the volume on Suddenlink on channel 2 and channel 8 so high? Please fix it.
  • Have you enjoyed your West Virginia Symphony? Their show "Music of the Movies" was great. If you don't go, you are missing out.
  • Has anyone cleaned up the riverbank where the lower sidewalk begins on the Boulevard at the Patrick Street Bridge? Apparently someone has started living there with tents, tarps, trash, etc. It looks almost as bad as the south end of the Coal River Bridge.
  • Why does Detroit file bankruptcy? They should spend their way out of debt like Washington's politicians do. Everyone knows that if you have a credit card, mortgage or car loan, you know you spend more. I'm debt free; are you?
  • Will the Kanawha County prosecutor be charging the criminals at the bus depot with a hate crime where they beat a white man half to death with a crowd standing around taking pictures and laughing? No, they won't. The plea-bargain chief will let them off with time served.
  • If the recreation centers truly are for the taxpayers, why are they closed on Sunday?
  • If we made as much money as Chuck Hatfield, we wouldn't mind having a big bond levy put on our taxes, which I very much object to.
  • Once again Republicans have shown their true faces by allowing the confirmation of John Brennan to head the CIA. The face with the vertical smile I might add. The Republicans don't give a rat's patootie about drone strikes on terrorists. This does not serve the country.
  • The NRA is a collection of idiots who are totally divorced from reality and are stoolies for the gun manufacturers.
  • After all of the misery Danny Jones brought to the West Side, he deserves a little himself. I'm talking about all the low-income housing he is throwing down here as well as the $2 million bike path.
  • Obama is sending money overseas to protect other countries - he isn't interested in protecting us. Our money goes to protect everyone else. What do you think about this?
  • It is sad and unfortunate that one teacher feels it is necessary to set up a "fun" cram experience for their annual standardized tests. It used to be students were required to learn lessons in sequence in a process of months. One wonders why that is no longer considered acceptable.
  • To the person who has lived in South Charleston for 35 years, you should realize that all cities in West Virginia are being taken over by the police, or should I say the Gestapo, like old Germany.
  • I think the Charleston Civic Center needs rails in the higher up areas. It definitely needs an uplift.
  • Why doesn't the Kanawha County planning commission do something about the trailer park on Pioneer Drive in Cross Lanes?
  • Teachers cannot raise the children in schools. Children who do well in school have parents who guide them, and parents who are involved. Also, parents who sell their food stamps need very much to be investigated.
  • Why don't we use the higher taxes on cigarettes to fund the Promise Scholarship? Let young people get the good education they need.

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