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Your vents for Friday, March 15

  • The people of West Virginia should clean the House of Representatives out. The House just voted 100 percent to allow further pollution of our streams in favor of a few mountaintop removal jobs and a few coal companies. They sacrifice our health and safety and that of our children and let them pollute our streams for payoffs and money under the table. We need to get rid of them all.

  • If you are still stuck on the Benghazi story, what about Bush and Cheney exposing ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame?  They changed the FISA law retroactively to keep them out of prison. What about that?
  • Way to go, Delegate Skaff. Make West Virginia last in libraries and education and poverty, but go after guns so we will always be rated No. 1 in stupidity.
  • Days after the trash truck has run in Charleston, garbage cans continue to litter curbs. Charleston needs to enforce ordinances and improve the trashy looking neighborhoods.
  • Carrie Webster needs to be put out of the circuit court system because of her many bad mistakes.
  • There is plenty of work out there. People get benefits and don't want to work. There are people who cannot pass drug tests. They can't blame Obama. People don't want to work.
  • In 1998 referees made $65 in the state basketball tournament. Now they make the same and this is a gross disrespect from the SSAC who make thousands in the regional and state tournament. Referees in the Big 12 make $3,000 per game. Please explain this.
  • Joe Manchin says he will protect your Second Amendment rights, but he is co-sponsoring a bill with Chuck Schumer to take away some of those rights, like the right to sell your own gun without going through a third-party dealer. Quit lying, Joe. You are taking away our rights.
  • The Legislature is reviewing the different gun laws in the state. I'm glad they are changing the one in Charleston and coming our way.
  • Let me get this straight, there is a mass shooting in Connecticut with lots of kids killed, so the West Virginia Legislature wants to pass a law to make it easier to get guns. That's crazy. What a bunch of cowards they are.
  • I travel the interstate often and exit at Dunbar. I'm sick seeing all of the discarded cigarette butts before you get to the traffic light. Please stop dropping them from your cars and please pick them up. It makes us look awful. It gets into the water system. Think before you litter.
  • God didn't pick Obama. He let the people do it. The majority in America today are unbelievers. Obama is an Arab. He has a different document. See how stupid you are.
  • Robert Byrd was the first one who did the filibuster; it wasn't Republicans, and Obama did it in Illinois. Say something before Hillary Clinton gets to the United Nations and takes your freedom of speech away from you.
  • I would like to thank the inmates and people who are responsible for picking up the trash in Cross Lanes, Rocky Fork and Big Tyler. They did a marvelous job and I am so grateful.
  • As I watched Panetta explain Benghazi to Congress, his nose kept growing.
  • India agreed to buy $2.1 billion in military equipment from Russia. Mr. Obama, the key word is "buy," not "give away."
  • Putnam County schools will have five instructional support days next year. These will count as part of the required instruction days even though students aren't in class then.
  • Janet Napolitano says we do not have the money to house illegal immigrants so let them go. Oh, but by the way, I'm spending $50 million for new TSA uniforms that will be made in Mexico.
  • President Obama is being his self-centered self again. It has to be his budget or the Senate's budget. He thinks the House budget isn't the best route. The Senate hasn't passed a budget in four years.
  • NASA is saying there could have been life on Mars due to the conditions on the surface. That is a perfect place to send Barack Obama and all of his subjects, since he thinks he is a king. The people who follow him could have their own place.

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