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Your vents for Monday, March 18

  • The library board could raise the sum for the book fair from themselves and their friends - not the taxpayers.

  • I saw the picture of a capitol in the paper with a sign on it saying "Out of Order." Did that mean the one in Washington, D.C., or the one in West Virginia? It looks to me like both of them are out of order.
  • Lots of us don't have Internet or computers so when the media refers to a Web site to contact someone I call it discrimination.
  • Please Charleston City Council, read Joseph Fisher's letter to the editor regarding the bike path. Most fiscally responsible people are in agreement.
  • Wake up people. Ask your Congress people why we have purchased 2,700 light tanks and over two billion rounds of ammunition for our Homeland Security Agency. They want martial law.
  • Why do they allow smoking at the Dunbar bingo hall? They need to check into that because that is wrong.
  • What has happened to the Union Mission? The wooden pallets they are storing on their property makes it look like a sawmill. They must be under new management. They used to keep it looking nice. Now it is going downhill.
  • I understand there is a shortage of lawyers in some of the rural counties in West Virginia. Maybe we can get some "litigate for America" people in there and serve that role. Or maybe get some pharmacists with "dispense for America."
  • We do not need another Bush in the White House. We suffered enough under George W. and George H.W. The Bush nightmare must be over and so must the Obama years with Biden and Michelle thinking of presidential runs. Slam the doors on them.
  • The West Liberty coach who allowed his students to drink at the Embassy Suites could be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and this shouldn't be swept under the rug.
  • To the freeloaders who want to tax the rich their fair share: The bottom 49 percent pay zero in federal income tax. The top 2 percent pay 70 percent. A fair tax would be everyone paying the same flat percentage of what they make.
  • How can people get Medicare and Medicaid at the same time? I've asked this several times in the Vent Line. I thought Medicaid was for blind and disabled people so why has it turned out to be a poor person's insurance. Please do a report on this. There have been so many lies told about this so many times.
  • Good teachers don't need a union; bad teachers do.
  • My name is Jimmy and I'll take all you give me, but don't give anything to anybody else. It's mine, all mine.
  • The time has come for Judge Carrie Webster to resign her post. She has proven herself to be completely incompetent over the last several years. This latest debacle is just that; her latest debacle. She needs to go now.
  • There is a coyote running in Cross Lanes. People beware and get your pets inside.
  • Maybe we should drug test magistrates. I get drug tested.
  • Things in the economy appear to be getting better, so why aren't they paying higher interest on savings accounts? Everything else is improving.
  • Why are people able to be out on the streets after several convictions for shooting people as well as murder? I'm a lifelong working man who got my life ruined with a 3-year prison term for drinking a half can of beer before a traffic stop. 
  • The president could end this mess today by caving in to the Republicans and cut Social Security, Medicare and all programs for the middle class and poor. What do we care here in West Virginia? We are full of the middle class and the poor. He is trying to save your worthless butts.
  • Obama has a scared look on his face lately. I wonder why.
  • Men, step up to the scalpel and take care of all the unwanted, unneeded pregnancies. Don't leave it up to the female to take care of these issues all of the time.
  • I don't need a gun. If someone comes in my house, they won't get out because I have it booby-trapped. I don't worry about guns. That is what we all need to do: booby-trap it.

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