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Your vents for Tuesday, March 19

  • I can never figure out why someone in the government does something and we all follow suit. Someone discriminates against people and everyone follows them and does the same.

  • Obama is not an Arab. His mother was a white woman who was born in Kansas. He was reared by her and his white grandparents. Get over it. He is biracial.
  • Our state Legislature has once again endangered the people of West Virginia by siding with the coal companies and chemical companies. We cannot eat the fish from the Kanawha River because of the dangerous chemicals in it. Now they are permitted to release another pollutant in our streams. Water and air are essential for life. The government is allowing them to be polluted.
  • Nancy Pelosi is saying Obama has never done anything for political gain. That is all he has done since he has been in office. He hates Republicans and wants to ruin them. Come on Republicans. Don't let them do you that way.
  • Crazy is as crazy talks.
  • I'm on Social Security, which is my only income. Yes I got a $250 raise for the year, but my medicine costs me $1,000 a year. Where is the benefit of getting a raise? Don't give us any more raises. We can't afford it.
  • Mainstream "in Obama's pocket" media is still after Paul Ryan's budget. It is the best budget ever to come out of Washington. The Senate still hasn't put forth a budget although the House has one. What is wrong with this picture?
  • If you are truly pro life you would be against the pollution of our air and water, which are absolutely necessary to support physical life. Also, if you are a friend of coal, it means you are against coal miners and their earned company pensions, as well as their worked-for health insurance. Get over your fake selves. You are fooling no one.
  • Heading north on the W.Va. Turnpike near milepost 910 some healthy, beautiful trees have been cut down. It is on your right coming into Charleston. It is supposed to be wild, wonderful and beautiful West Virginia.
  • Liberals would love you to believe that Christianity is dying. They were proven wrong when Facebook lit up and Twitter was posting 120,000 tweets per minute when Pope Francis was elected.
  • People, when you buy packaged cheese at Wal-Mart you'd better verify what you get. They shorted me some slices in different brands I bought there. I'm tired of being ripped off.
  • Why is the DOH putting a glorified welder in charge of District 1, which is more than a $30 million business? Check with the employees. They are demoralized.
  • Make God your first priority, not your last resort. Amen.
  • I agree very much with the senator who wants the state school board to be elected personnel instead of assigned their positions. I think the Legislature should work hard to make this come about and we would have better-qualified people in these positions than the clowns we have now.
  • Why can't they start school the day after Labor Day, do away with the spring break and let the students get out Memorial weekend like they did years ago? They could have their complete summer. It worked a lot better.
  • Saturday's mail delivery prepares for next week's schedules. Tell the postal service to use a weekday like Wednesday to stop delivery of the mail.  We need Saturday mail delivery.

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