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Your vents for Thursday, March 21

  • Rick Santorum, who seems to want to be the pope, says the president wants America to become a Godless society. I guess he thinks he and his wife, Karen, who cohabited with an abortion doctor prior to marrying Rick, have the right to judge others and determine their motivations. Rick needs to read and adhere to the Bible teachings more and ignore his political ambitions.

  • Millions have been killed worldwide through the years when government took away their rights. If you think protests like Rand Paul's filibuster are a waste of time and money you are part of the problem. Not the solution.
  • Since most gun owners and collectors say a gun is just a tool, why don't they treat their other tools the same? Hammers, for instance. Collect 10 or 20, keep them oiled, use linseed oil on the handles, display them in racks in your home, keep them in humidity-controlled safes, and love them.
  • Kentucky had five toll roads. Kentucky collected tolls, paid for the roads, and then removed the tolls. Kentucky is now widening many of its interstates to six lanes. Kentucky has lower gasoline and road taxes than West Virginia. West Virginia is wanting to raise the gas tax. The problem in West Virginia is not collecting enough taxes, West Virginia politicians do not know how to manage money.
  • Thanks, Hoppy, for the column on the evils of socialism. Now, how about a column on the evils of fascism in this country, or is that your sacred cow?
  • The fool who said there were more Democrats in Congress than Republicans needs to take a remedial math course. It's simple addition - give it a try.
  • Murder, mayhem and drugs seem to be the everyday entertainment of the insane and evil people around us. Our Legislature needs to address this glaring problem, now.
  • I bet none of the politicians in Washington have an IQ over 50. Perhaps that applies also to the American people for allowing our country to be in the shape we are in now. With all the cuts here, we continue to send billions of dollars overseas - $250 million is now going to Egypt. Why are so many apathetic and not taking a stand?
  • My favorite McGraw trinket story: Quite a few years back I picked up a trinket in the main Capitol at some kind of employee information event on the first floor. With my disdain for typos outweighing my disdain for other factors, I reluctantly called his office to let them know his first name was misspelled.
  • The man beaten at the "transit" mall was white. The thugs doing the beating and robbing were black. I see this as a racially motivated crime. Before you all jump on the bandwagon I am black.
  • For any military veteran desiring medals earned in the service, write to National Personnel Records Center, 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO  63138, with a copy of your discharge or DD2145 and/or email the center at and they will mail your medals to you.
  • To the fools calling for the impeachment of the president, I ask on what grounds? The Constitution calls for impeachment for "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." So, what are the charges? Put up or shut up.
  • Secretary of State John Kerry said, "No nation, no people should live in fear of their so-called leaders."  He's right and that is why our founding fathers gave us the Second Amendment.
  • We can't get to the new $50 million Civic Center because we can't get through the potholes. Thanks mayor for taking care of our roads, we definitely need a new $50 million building instead.
  • No wonder it costs so much to go to CAMC. Have you seen their latest ad? Snip, dunk. Find a better use of financial resources.
  • On the Kanawha side of the road on 40th Street in Nitro, near the Red Roof Inn, there is a big hole that belongs to Kanawha County and they need to patch it. It is expensive to replace tires when you hit one of those things.
  • The Republicans will win the Senate in 2014. Mark my words.
  • Cross Lanes is probably the worst place on earth to live. The sheriff's department doesn't take calls seriously; they won't return calls to parents. There are bullies at the middle school.
  • Politicians in West Virginia used to pave roads to win elections. The Democrats don't even need to do that to get reelected now. Kanawha County roads are awful.
  • President Obama is wrecking our health care system; ruining us financially and now 46 percent of folks approve. Really? How ill informed can you be?
  • The Department of Homeland Security did not purchase 2,700 tanks. The Marine Corps at Quantico, Virginia contracted to have new chassis installed on MRAP all-terrain vehicles returning from overseas deployment. These are not tanks. They were used by rapid response teams during hurricanes and were credited with saving many lives during Katrina.
  • For the people who are keeping gas prices as high as they are: one day you will stand before Jehovah God and give an answer for your greed.
  • Those in Washington believe your money is their money. They will decide how much you can keep. When they have no other source and run out of money they will tax your bank account as Cyprus is attempting to do.

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