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Your vents for Friday, March 22

  • This is a plea to cat lovers. If anyone knows what happened to Willy, a solid white neutered male cat with gold eyes, please call in. Not knowing what happened to him is breaking our hearts.

  • The devil on the TV series "The Bible" is a fake. Actually the devil is my ex-wife who is a woman, I think.
  • Our congressional "leaders" have decreed there is no need to limit the proliferation of assault weapons to the general public. So much for any hope for anything good to come out of the horrible massacre in Connecticut.
  • Evil is evil, and that is all evil is.
  • For the person who said their packages of cheese were shorted a couple of slices: Cheese is sold by the pound, not by the slice.
  • The Obamas still have parties and celebrations. This is crass. Stand up and say no more to these hypocrites.
  • I hope there is an Israeli protest during Obama's visit.
  • Pepperoni rolls as West Virginia food? Come on. We are a cornbread, fried potatoes and pinto beans state.
  • All the Nitro mayor wants to do is to raise rates and take credit for everything.  I made a mistake by voting for him. It won't happen again.
  • If you are charged with a felony, ask for Judge Webster. It is almost a sure thing you won't serve any time.
  • Just because you are an accountant doesn't mean you can teach accounting. Take my word for it. Teach For America should be careful who they put in teaching positions without education classes.
  • Rick Lord and Elizabeth Noreika of WCHS TV need to find a chair and sit down while they read the news to us. They look ridiculous standing there.
  • If you want to form an evening walking group in the Coonskin area or the Boulevard, it would be great.
  • The ditch lines along Spring Hill Mountain in South Charleston really need to be cleaned out. Who is supposed to do it? Is it the state road or the city of South Charleston? There is trash, limbs and leaves clogging the ditches all along the mountain. Too many trashy people are around here and they need to enforce litter laws.
  • If you think a person lied to you about having graduated from high school, all you have to do is to check their yearbook. That should tell you. Good luck.
  • I'm a good old Baptist that was referred to in the Vent Line the other day. I would just like to clarify that God doesn't vote in the elections; mankind does. If you have a problem with the president, blame mankind for their stupidity in electing this person. I'm still proud that I twice voted for George Bush.
  • Mental health studies of people who think they need to buy more than one gun a month will show that these people are either criminals or paranoid and don't trust God to protect them from a perceived shootout at the O-K Corral.
  • Thank you, Gov. Tomblin, for acting like a governor. Thanks for the education reform bill. The teachers, students and everyone needed it.
  • What a wasted legislative session. They have spent the entire session on what coal companies and the NRA want. All but a couple of them have lost my entire family's support.
  • Public education is top-heavy with administrators. Some include lists of employees with salaries of $80,000 or more. We should get rid of some of these.
  • The caller who said that God handpicked Obama is so delusional. God didn't have anything to do with it. The stupid people who voted him in are responsible. God has his own agenda with Obama, and it's not pretty.
  • Why is Mountaineer Gas allowed to charge a meter reading in the months that they do not read the meters? That is fraud. They only read it every other month.
  • If you think Rusty Casto was Nitro's best ever mayor you probably are still writing letters to Elvis.
  • It seems like the Daily Mail supports the hiring of Teach for America candidates. I wonder how many journalists they have hired with only five weeks of journalism training.
  • I'm sorry about the West Virginia Book Festival being canceled because of finances, but these are the tough choices we will have to make to get our government soluble.
  • The WVSSAC makes thousands in their regional games, yet they only pay their basketball referees $65 per game - the same account as in 1998. This is extremely disrespectful.
  • There are so many youthful idiots out there, and the paradox of it all is that they don't even know it.
  • Obama also touts greed. He wants to bleed Americans dry of every dollar they make.
  • I think Dr. Phil's show is one step above Judge Judy and one step below Jerry Springer. It is pure trash.
  • I am a proud, lifetime member of the NRA.
  • Hayes Middle School in St. Albans needs to be cleaned up. It is absolutely filthy.
  • Does anyone have leftover bricks from the former Lincoln Junior High School building?

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