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Your vents: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

  • Seniority in hiring teachers doesn't tell the whole story. The school boards can already handpick who they want as principals. Now the principals will stack schools with their buddies and butt-kissers.
  • People are different; they have different values. People down here have a work ethic.
  • It is time for Earl Ray Tomblin and the Legislature to stand up to the EPA and stop their destruction of the electric company.
  • How much money is the half-cent sales tax increase going to generate for the city of Charleston? Will the money be dedicated solely to the Civic Center renovation or will it be going into the general fund like the user fee did - to pay for anything they want to spend it on?
  • As the tax deadline approaches, I can only think of what Winston Churchill once said: "The only difference between the tax man and a taxidermist is, the taxidermist leaves the skin." Enough said.
  • I hate a lying groundhog. Last year at this time, it was 80 degrees.
  • Now that the board of education doesn't have to pay $3 million to fund the libraries, will we see a large reduction in our property taxes?
  • To the senator who is against testing welfare recipients for drugs because we can't afford to treat them: Use the money from the welfare check you were sending them to treat them for drugs. That sounds like a solution to me.
  • This global warming is burning me up.
  • What is a man's life worth? Not much according to Judge Tod Kaufman and Rhonda Ray Stewart. What a shame.
  • If there were more Democrats in the House than Republicans, Boehner wouldn't be the speaker.
  • The Republicans will not only keep the House, they will take the Senate in 2014.
  • I wonder who the genius was who decided the Dunbar Toll Bridge needed to be closed for inspections while the Nitro and St. Albans bridge was already closed for repairs?
  • Everyone can't be number one.
  • If Obama is entertaining any idea to split Jerusalem and give half to the Palestinians for their own state, he'd better think again.
  • Taxes just cause businesses to leave our state as well as others. You destroy businesses and people leave the state.
  • The Republicans complaining that Obama doesn't stay in Washington are hypocritical. For only 126 days this year, the Congress will be in Washington. Making $175,000 for 25 weeks of work is a great part-time job.
  • In West Virginia, a lot of us were raised on pinto beans and cornbread and many ate them every day. They should be the official food of West Virginia.
  • Can someone please help?  Every time I plant corn in my back yard there are just holes the next day, where some chipmunks and squirrels have dug it up. What can I do to keep them out so I can have a little bit of fresh corn?
  • As long as Republicans and their own are doing fine, they don't care about the rest of us, while all the time they praise God on the way to the bank.


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