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Your Vents, Monday, April 1

* I don't use tobacco products and avoid being around people who do. It seems when lawmakers need revenue, the smokers are the very people they go after. They propose raising the taxes from 55 cents a pack for cigarettes to $1.55. If they do this, how about taxing Big Macs and Whoppers  $1 each? Also, put a luxury tax on a tattoo of $10 each.

* Seems like the secretary of state is showing her true extreme liberal views by being outraged at the mere thought of requiring photo ID for voters. Remember this the next time she runs for any political office.

* When might the city of South Charleston shut down the road-race course they have every day on U.S. 60? My wife is a good driver who works in South Charleston and hates to drive to work, morning and evening.

* Would the brainiac Obamazombies who keep posting the deficit has suddenly been reduced explain to the rest of us how a few days of trading on Wall Street did it? You tell us to quit listening to Fox. Maybe they should reduce their MSNBC intake.

* We watch Fox to get the real news and not a bunch idiots taking up for the president and all his blunders.

* Just who decided John McCain was an expert on national security? The only thing he knows about national security is that he was unfortunate enough to be shot down over North Vietnam and became a POW in the Hanoi Hilton.

* Hiring is up and the unemployment rate is dropping. President Obama's policies are pulling us out of the "George W. Bush hole," in spite of the obstructionist Republicans.

* According to Roberts' Rules of Order, a member is not required to vote "yea" or "nay" in a roll call vote, but may simply reply "present." Charleston's mayor needs a parliamentarian at his meetings.

* The improvement of the looks of the Nitro mayor's office was very much needed. You can now be proud of how it looks. Also, part of the cost was given by a private donor.

* To the person complaining about smoking at the Dunbar bingo hall: Smokers still pay taxes, go to war, and work every day. If you think that is wrong, maybe you should go to another bingo hall that doesn't allow smoking. We fought for the freedom to smoke.

* If Paul Ryan's budget is the best thing to come out of Washington, why is his own religion, the Catholic Church, calling it awful? It would hurt the working poor.  

* Please tell the radio stations to quit playing the same old songs over and over.  People like variety. There surely are more in the format that can be played.

* Charleston wants to force us to fix up property so it can be rented and occupied. But within a year they haven't done anything about tearing down existing trashy buildings.

* Gas is $3.61 in South Charleston. Across the bridge in Dunbar, gas is $3.75 per gallon.

* The safety of all people is more important than the asserted rights of the NRA.  

* Really, $385,000 to study a mallard duck's body parts? There are many other ways the United States government wastes our money.

* Please move your parked vehicles off the road a little bit on Jane Street off Albert.

* I'm declaring that the 1977 Chevy Malibu is the state car. The 1984 Chevy S-10 V6 is the state truck.


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