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Your Vents, Friday, April 5

* Let me get this straight. This guy who won the Powerball in New Jersey has been in the country for 26 years and he cannot speak English?

* To the person who is counting their slices of cheese: Obviously you do not have a life and you need to get one.

* Someone please alert the attorney general of the fraudulent claims turning up on the West Virginia television market claiming they have a cure for alcoholism. There is no cure.

* Once again, the Daily Mail has it all wrong. It is not the president's contempt of checks and balances; it is Congressional Republicans' contempt of the president. I speak of the article about the three appointees of the National Labor Relations Board and the recess appointments. They weren't letting him appoint anyone. They are in contempt, not him.

* You know things are getting worse in our world when after all of these years, our policemen have to wear protective vests. I notice also that drinkers keep getting arrested without being jailed.

* Something needs to be done about all of the breaking and entering into people's homes and businesses. Judges need to be more conservative and throw the book at these guys when they catch them. It is awful.

* I wish Fox News would get rid of that crotchety old fart Bob Beckel. He is a disgrace to the network and the program he is co-host of called "The Five." He loves to yell. Heaven help anyone who goes against him.

* I have been watching on television about marijuana growing and they say it is better than it was in the 60s. They are wrong. You really have to get out there and hunt here and there because it isn't as good as it used to be.

* Here we are watching "American Idol" and we still have to look at Carly Rae Jepsen and Coke again.  People, please boycott her because she boycotted the Boy Scouts for the gay rights people.

* The Legislature is considering another raise for magistrates. How about throwing a bone to the poor state workers? Anything would help.

* March came in like a lion and March went out as a lion.

* How can Cecil Roberts be the best president of the UMWA when he supports Obama, who is destroying the coal mining jobs?

* Kirsten Powers should leave Fox News because she praises everything Obama says and does.  


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