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Your vents, Monday, April 8

  • Local television stations and mainstream media channels need to stop putting up pictures of Adam Lanza, James Holmes and Jared Loughner. When the American people see their pictures, it brings everything back to us when the innocent people were killed.

  • Obama wants to launch a brain research program into diseases like dementia. Maybe they should study his brain first. That would be fascinating to find out.
  • I'd like to know where I can find the show "The Doctors" instead of "Katie." Are there others who would prefer "The Doctors?"
  • Please pray. God does answer prayers. Pray that something good comes out of horrible things in medicine. Everyone is entitled to a second opinion.  
  • When a judge knows a woman that was before him is a pedophile, had sex with her children's friends and bought them alcohol and doesn't do anything to her, he needs to be suspended.
  • If you want to drive drunk, move to Nitro. The mayor said he was going to clean up Nitro, but what a joke.
  • Charleston police pull people over for petty reasons and then are rude to them. This is not acceptable to good citizens.  They need better training.  
  • Senate President Kessler said it is a horrible message to put the gun rights bill out there. He needs to stop acting like a spoiled child and taking his ball and going home. The House has spoken. People want these rules to be the same everywhere.  
  • I want to congratulate Senator Kessler on his stand on the gun rights bill. You have saved lives in West Virginia as well as in Charleston.
  • If you watch, it seems like as long as the Republicans and theirs are doing fine, they don't care about the rest of us.  While all the time, they carry their little Bibles all the way to the bank.
  • Now the government is putting ships at various places in the Middle East. Why didn't they do that before Ambassador Stevens was killed? They always do something too late.
  • I would like to see a return of the play "Cats" to Charleston in the Clay Center. Also, a show starring Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller called "Boulder and Fresher" would be hilarious. Most of the shows there cater to hippies and aren't worth watching.
  • If there weren't so much waste and embezzlement down at the Capitol, the current gas tax would be more than enough. They need to stop being greedy. The people of West Virginia don't have any more money to give.
  • In response to the caller who said President Obama should come and see how coal miners work, well why would he come here when a felon got more votes than he did? Coal miners aren't the only hard-working people in the state. I do feel sorry for the miners and their loss of benefits, however.
  • What's war on coal? The only evidence of war in West Virginia I see is the war against mountaintops, rivers and streams and retired miners. These are always waged by out-of-state greedy coal companies.


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