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Your vents, Tuesday, March 9

  • I'm a widow with a limited income and have been very ill with flu-like symptoms. I waited three hours for a chest X-ray and had to pay $416. How can it be that expensive?

  • The hedge fund trader made $10 billion trading with illegal inside information. He was fined only $800 million. Now the Republicans want all regulations removed and no new regulations.
  • I think the "American Idol" show is racially biased.  
  • Hillary will win in 2016. Please slam the door on Biden.
  • For some reason, Mayor Jones has wanted to destroy the Boulevard since the day he took office. Leave the Boulevard alone. I owned a home on the Boulevard for 53 years, and it cannot be improved on, but it can be destroyed by Danny Jones.
  • Obamacare will be the biggest mess that the Democrats voted for. When it goes into effect, it will be an absolute nightmare.
  • This is a message to thieves who are breaking into homes and cars. God sees what you are doing. He will punish you severely some day. The Bible talks about thieves. Quit breaking in.
  • Mountaineers have always been free to be ignorant, and that is the reason we are last in everything.
  • On television, they said the pope is praying to the other popes asking them what he should do. This doesn't make any sense to me. Jesus is our savior.
  • Obama wants to go down in history as the president who did everything, passed a lot of laws and was liberal.
  • Grocery stores/chains have to decide where to put their businesses. Apparently, no one thought it was profitable to put a grocery store back in the East End of Charleston. It really isn't up to them to bring your groceries to you.
  • I don't express my opinion very often, but now is the time. I visited the new site for the Edgewood Elementary School. It is unbelievable where they intend to build this school. Two school buses could not pass on the road they have planned. This is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • To the Jackson school people who removed the picture of Jesus, don't you realize that one day you will stand before him in person and give an account of your life?
  • It is my understanding that only two parents asked for the picture of Jesus to be taken down in the school. I think we should stop it and tell the parents to take their children somewhere else.
  • For Channel 8 news in Charleston, if the new lady with Rick Lord is made permanent, I think it would be a great idea.
  • Now tell me why we don't need the death penalty.
  • They had better do something about North Korea. There is no use in killing a snake after it bites you.
  • A month ago, my house was broken into. The deputy sheriff and state troopers could not find my stuff. A few days ago, I found my stuff at a pawnshop in Dunbar. Several pawnshops need to be investigated. They are getting stolen stuff and not turning it in to law enforcement.
  • Our country is going to hell in a handbasket. The only thing Obama has done is to put wheels and a motor on it.

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