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Your vents, Wednesday, April 10

  • Dante DiTrapano wants his law license back, and all of these lawyers will look out for him to keep him out of trouble. Where were they when he got in trouble? Who represented him when he was in court?

  • That thousand dollars a month Obama is giving back from his paycheck will not even pay for a second's worth of gasoline for Air Force One for one of his campaign trips to fundraisers around the country.
  • I'm sure Delegate Josh Nelson is a fine young man, and I thank him for his service to our country, but he is a political fraud. If his dad, granddaddy and great granddaddy were miners, I'm sure at least one or two were members of a union.
  • It's scary how the NRA controls the nation's politicians. And it is scarier still to think how many people in this country subscribe to the beliefs of the NRA.
  • The free breakfast and free lunch for all of the students will only make more money and entitlements to the parents so they can spend more money on drugs. Think about this.
  • To the person saying that they fought for the right to smoke, go ahead and smoke outside if you want to, but you should not be allowed to smoke inside. Non-smokers shouldn't be harmed because of you, and we shouldn't have to go somewhere else besides Dunbar to play bingo.
  • Recent UMW protests in the city of Charleston cost the city how much to maintain security and re-route the traffic? Who is reimbursing the city? Surely it isn't the UMW.
  • Living in a post-modern America will be quite different especially in the areas of safety, prosperity and freedom.
  • This is the second year I've run in the Nitro distance run, and there is an old death trap house that is located at 21st Street and 3rd Avenue, and it has been there two years. It is an eyesore. Take care of it, Dave Casebolt.
  • Move the Dunbar Bingo Hall closer to the cemetery.
  • I just wanted to say that if you can get arrested for not having a hunting and fishing license but not for being in the country illegally, we live in a country of idiots.
  • It is naive to think that the South Charleston library and recreation center are gun free. The residents of Charleston can simply go outside the city to South Charleston and buy guns as many times a day as they want to with no waiting period.
  • It would be more to our benefit if the media would quit reporting that West Virginia is lowest-ranking in so many areas. I don't believe it, and I wish they would quit acknowledging it as legitimate.
  • ADHD is being over-diagnosed for one reason: They've taken discipline out of schools and homes. You cannot discipline children anymore, and that is why they are having these problems.

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