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Your vents, Wednesday, April 17

  • Do not sign up for AARP or let them get your mailing address because they will swamp you in offers and won't let you cancel. This is a warning about them.

  • The picture of Jesus should be put right back up on the school wall. The parents who don't like it or don't want it can take their children anywhere else. Jesus is our savior.
  • The Obamas entertain themselves with a rock concert while they lock the doors of the White House to everyone else. Stop his lying and spending and impeach him.
  • Drop some of the overlapping government programs.
  • As a child, I was taught one simple truth: There is no free lunch regardless of what the West Virginia Legislature says.
  • To the person who said Satan is destroying this country: Before we can give that statement any credibility, we must first have physical proof of the existence of a being called Satan. Do you have such proof? Or do you just believe it?
  • To the person who said the Obamas wasted $1.4 million of our money on their lifestyle: What did they spend it on? Was it money available to other presidents? What is the source of your information? Was this illegal? Are you just repeating Fox News lies?
  • Rather than continually politicizing the death penalty, why don't we just let the citizens vote, once and for all, if they want the death penalty or not? If the people of West Virginia were actually able to choose, without politics involved, then I would be satisfied either way.
  • Modern-day parents spoil their kids with computer games, cellphones and sign them up for every sport and activity possible. The kids need energy drinks to get through a school day, and when their grades drop, the parents rush them to doctor to be diagnosed with attention illness and give them drugs.
  • Saddam Hussein attacked a neighboring country, threatened to attack others and was killing his own civilians. To keep posting in the paper our soldiers gave their lives for no reason is being disrespectful to those heroes.
  • Since I pay monthly for my phone connection, the phone number is mine. And if I do not want the number published, I should not have to pay an $8 charge. It is a scam for vultures to get my phone number and address and sell it many times over. This leads to identity theft.
  • Thanks, Sen. Manchin, for attacking West Virginians' Second Amendment rights. He has lost me, and my household, as supporters in 2016.
  • To the person complaining that President Obama returning 5 percent of his salary to the federal government wasn't enough, I ask how much has any Republican member of Congress returned? Getting a dime of taxpayer money away from a Republican requires major surgery.

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