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Your vents, Thursday, April 18

  • Bush handed Congress the information he had received. They voted to go to war. Later, the Democrats decided against it so they didn't support funding the war. That's where your unfunded war got started.

  • Cutting 11 percent of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter fleet would save as much money as President Obama proposes to save by whacking benefits for seniors, veterans and the disabled. So why aren't we doing that instead of screwing the people who need the money?
  • The number of people killed every year in the United States by guns is about five times the grand total of Americans killed in terrorist attacks anywhere in the world since 1969. To save American lives, we need a war on guns instead of a war on terrorism.
  • Thanks to the ACLU, we have a buffer between the people wanting to stuff their religion down our throats, and whether we want to worship God or not, just as the First Amendment clearly states.
  • For the elderly man looking for an affordable place to exercise, the South Charleston Community Center is very reasonably priced.
  • The "great" city of Huntington is finally going to build a skate park. They received federal money for this project six years ago. This, to me, shows incompetence at the highest level. Whoever has been sitting on this money for six years should be fired and put in the unemployment lines.
  • It seems as if we have reached the point where it is nearly impossible to say or write anything without someone finding it offensive. Then an apology is demanded. Frankly, I'm sick of the political correctness and censorship. I will say and write what I please, and if anyone finds it offensive, they can get over themselves.
  • President Obama has been making some moves to counter North Korea's moves. Contrast that to 2001 when President Cheney and his puppet, Bush, made absolutely no moves to protect us from attack, even with several months' warning.
  • The chatter in hospital waiting rooms will tell you a certain concern: People already don't like Obamacare, but they're really not going to like the tax hikes, mandates, fees, penalties and added red tape bureaucracy that go into effect over the next eight months. It goes from being an abstract discussion to a real life pain.
  • Our politicians need to know and understand that despite all the laws they pass regarding gun control, the vast majority of gun owners will never comply with these laws. Why? Because their laws are contrary to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.
  • You might drive a jeep and you might see yourself being a redneck. The "Rednecks For Obama" sticker on your jeep's bumper pretty much tells everybody you ain't a redneck.
  • Middle East and Korea are about to explode. Economy and employment numbers are in the tank. All our president does is fly around the country to stand in front of kids telling us we need to give up our Constitutional rights. The guy has no business being president.
  • Since the Founding Fathers were not very clear on the meaning of the term "arms" used in the Second Amendment and did not specifically use the term "firearms," maybe they meant swords or daggers, and any right to own or carry firearms is not protected by the Constitution.
  • "Her speaking style is abrasive" - this is your quote about the abstinence speaker at GW. Who says? Was Shay Maunz there? My child was there and found nothing offensive about her presentation. 

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