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Your vents, Friday, April 19

  • Some people think marriage equality for gay couples should be put to a popular vote. Since when does the majority get to decide that the rights they take for granted should be denied to the minority? If the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964 had been put to a popular vote in the Deep South, I think we all know how that would've turned out.

  • So now the president (or any other man) cannot comment on the attractiveness of a professional female without it being called sexist by the political correctness police? This political correctness has gone beyond stupid. I hate it when people apologize for these very normal moments. We are not eunuchs here.
  • Yes, there were embassy attacks under Bush. But those attacks were stopped by armed and well-prepared security details. The embassies weren't destroyed and abandoned after the attacks. The attacks weren't swept under the rug to protect the president's approval ratings. That's the difference between the Bush and Obama administrations.
  • Liberals who loved calling anybody who opposed Obama a racist are now attacking black conservatives. Calling them every name in the book for not being liberal. Why isn't this called racism?
  • I have had at least 100 vents published. I attempt to base my vents on real facts, not what I solely feel. My rants usually depict a conservative point of view. Other opinions can express an opposite ideology. That is what the Vent Line is for.
  • Cases like the murder of Sheriff Crum and the prosecutors in other states are the reason there should be a death penalty.
  • When is Gov. Tomblin going to lift the freeze on the Medicaid Aged and Disabled Waiver Program? My mother was approved and placed on a waiting list more than a year ago. What is the holdup? Aren't gambling proceeds supposed to support this type of program?
  • I see in the news that we want to cut our defenses at a time that North Korea is threatening to destroy us. Do we wait until we have another 9/11 to respond? Are we asleep at the wheel? Wake up, America, before it is too late.
  • When a fatality occurs in a vehicular accident and the police say no drugs or alcohol were involved, but the deceased was not wearing a seat belt, stupidity was the main factor. Being ejected from a vehicle usually doesn't end well.
  • The staff of East Bank Middle School should be ashamed of themselves for the sad shape of the American flag flying over their school. What have we become when there is no respect for the flag?
  • If West Virginia still has such a large rainy day fund, why don't they finish U.S. 35 with it? That road is a death trap.
  • They want to raise the taxes on cigarettes, but not on alcohol because the politicians drink a lot of alcohol especially at parties.
  • I just think it is a real shame that we are all going to be treated like criminals now because we're not wearing a seat belt.
  • Is West Virginia going to remain redneck and hillbilly? Keep up with the other states, West Virginia.
  • So now the NRA gun makers think they are running the United States of America? I think they've done this long enough. The next time you think of buying another gun, even for self and family protection, stop just long enough to picture Jesus.

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