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Your vents, Monday, April 29, 2013

* Who in their right mind would preach against mandatory background checks for potential gun buyers?

* Let no man despise thy youth, but be an example in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.

* This is about the power company asking for a rate increase to cover the cost of tree trimming. If they would do their tree trimming maintenance on a regular schedule, there wouldn't be a need to do it with overtime-paid workers in emergency weather situations. They could even hire part-time, summer-season workers to trim trees at a less expensive hourly wage.

* Cursing athletes are a disgrace, and it should never happen.

* Law enforcement officials do things that are not respectable, so how can we teach children to respect them? What is it teaching them?

* The answer to why church congregations are down in number is because there hasn't been a pastor or a Christian at my door in 25 years to invite me to church.

* One good thing about the high price of gasoline is that it causes you to stay home and work on your house or yard and get things done. That is just great, isn't it? And they thought they had it over on


* What about the empty lot on 21st Street and 3rd Avenue in Nitro with the death trap of a big hole? There is dirt piled all over. They need danger and caution signs put up. And the grass near the post office needs to be cut also.

* President Obama is an absolute financial idiot. He wants to tell us how much savings we should have in our 401(k) and IRA. It isn't his money. It is our money, so let us decide how to use it. Get out of our lives.

* Putnam County has once again failed to preserve a green space. The park near Hurricane has more cars than people and even less of the last bits of nature.

* To the man at the Slack Street recycling place and Mr. Talkington: You can pick up my recycling if you are able to, but I can't pick it up. We also have raccoons who distribute our garbage everywhere.

* People can't get along because you have neighbors who break into your house during the daytime. Be aware of them. Trust no one. They also watch you while you sit in your living room or in the kitchen. You thought you could trust them.

* We serve a terrible God. He says, "Vengeance is mine." I believe He will do just that.

* Call the Logan city police office, and tell them they are idiots for arresting an eighth-grader. Call the teacher, too.

* I see where Joe Manchin is accusing the NRA of lying about his gun control bill, but he used their endorsement to get elected. This will be his final term.

* Ninety-nine percent of gun crimes are committed by black-market guns. Keep up the good work, and vote "no" on gun control.

* If you really want a theocracy in the United States, you would first of all have to throw out the First Amendment. Theocracies such as Saudi Arabia are notorious for throwing out minor religions.

* The FBI interviewed suspect No. 1 two years ago because he spent six months in Russia to probably plan terrorist attacks. I'm sure people in Russia helped plan the Boston attack.

* The number of people killed in the United States by medical mistakes is about nine times the number of people killed by guns. To save American lives, maybe we need a war on doctors and medical mistakes instead of a war on guns.

* Of course Sen. Kessler is going to give the legislative session an "A." He was one of their ringleaders in wasting time and money. That is all they do for 60 days. They always have to schedule extra sessions because of their wastefulness.

* I feel sorry for those property owners who try to maintain their homes and yards when they have neighbors who obviously have absolutely no pride in themselves or their property.

* Our government is still spending more money than it did last year; it's just spending 2 percent less than it planned to spend. Perhaps if those who blame everything on Republicans spent more time seeking out facts and less time watching MSNBC, they'd know this.

* Just remember: Nothing in life is free. Nothing. If it is free to you, that just means somebody paid for it for you. Unless you are elderly or severely disabled, you should be ashamed for somebody else to pay your way through life. Somebody else earned that dollar that you just took and spent.

* I am as Republican as they come. I am a long-time NRA member. I believe that each and every law-abiding U.S. citizen has the right to choose whether to own a gun or not. I do not think the federal government has any right whatsoever to infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. But I tell you what: I have no problem supporting background checks to keep guns from criminals.

* We absolutely have the best Congress money can buy.

* The "nobody-died-in-the-knife-attack" people are missing the point. Guns or no guns, mentally unstable and evil people will find a way to attack, injure and kill.

* Liberal media outlets have no problem saying it wouldn't hurt to give a little on our Second Amendment rights. We should be happy to give up some of our rights. I can't help but wonder how they would feel if it were the First Amendment being rewritten and changed.


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