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Your vents, Tuesday, April 30

  • The person comparing Bush/Obama actions and 9/11 to a possible Korea launch needs to do some research before posting. Bush was in Florida at the time of attack. Washington, D.C. was one of the targets. Air Force One was the logical place for the president. In the event of a Korean missile launch, the odds of D.C. being in danger would be slim.

  • I don't know how the Founding Fathers could have been any clearer on the Second Amendment. They used the word "arms" because it clearly encompasses all weapons.  It's pretty clear if you ever bother to read it. Only a person with an agenda and a wish to twist the meaning could not clearly understand what they meant.
  • If you really want to know the good and bad effects that Obamacare will directly have on you, simply ask your  doctor. They will give you the down-to-earth, no-political-correctness, eye-opening version. Mine did. You will be surprised.
  • Joe Manchin better enjoy his last term in the U.S. Senate. After a failed, misguided attempt to restrict the Second Amendment rights of decent, law-abiding citizens, he will not be reelected in 2016. Jay is a lame duck and Joe will be from now on. Shame on both of them for their actions.
  • Is anyone else concerned about the first 31/2  miles of Coal River Road, starting at St. Albans? There are about 30 pieces of real estate in various states of disrepair - some with abandoned and derelict buildings that are caving in. There is overgrowth of vegetation around many buildings, trash littering yards and roadsides, and old construction debris dumped in several places.
  • Congratulations to Dunbar, Nitro and St. Albans for their attempts to cause property owners to clean up their real estate, and to get rid of derelict and vacant houses that have deteriorated. These buildings have stood empty for years on end, and are not only unsightly, but are a threat to public safety in event of fire, vermin, even children who like to explore, not to mention the homeless as they search for shelter.
  • Is the city of Charleston planning to repair Bigley Avenue between Spring Street and Westmoreland Road? The road is terrible,   and I've had to fix the front end of my car two times. I've been four-wheeling on mountain trails that are smoother.
  • Bosses who show favoritism to one employee over others cause dissension in the workplace. Do what is right and be fair to all employees, or you'll end up with only one employee.
  • Becky Jordon's husband helped pay for the speaker at George Washington? Shame. She should be fired from the board of education.
  • Manchin actually thinks we will believe him when he says background checks won't lead to gun registration. Manchin has lost a lot of his West Virginia supporters.
  • The "no-texting-while-driving" law has actually made things worse on the roads. Drivers are now holding their phones down out of sight and texting, taking their eyes even farther off the road.
  • The rough spots on the new section of U.S. 35 are causing loads to shift on the 18-wheelers. Are they going to wait until there's a major accident before they put up warning signs or make some repairs to the pavement?

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