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Your vents, Tuesday, April 2

  • Appalachian Power needs to keep their own business in line, which includes trimming trees. Take money from the millions the AEP CEO makes and use that to trim the trees.

  • A good question to ask is, why is the state of West Virginia taking out good guardrails in Poca and Putnam County and replacing them? They don't even need to be
  • replaced. It looks new and is serving well. They should be working on the roads instead.

  • I understand there are two building inspectors in Dunbar. Why don't they get out and
  • inspect the town? It is filthy.

  • The gospel of Jesus Christ will be spread to the four corners of the earth, and there is absolutely nothing that you atheists can do to prevent it.
  • Many thanks to the kind gentleman at the Southridge area Bob Evans who paid for our breakfast on April 22. It is good to know there are still good people in the world.
  • Sen. Manchin has earned my respect 100 percent. God bless him.
  • I'm 73 years old and have been a Democrat all my life. I want Mr. "Joebama" Manchin to know that I will never vote for him for anything again. He is losing a lot of voters.
  • I've killed more animals with my car than I have with my guns in the last 30 years because I like to shoot, but I don't like to hunt.
  • The Legislature went home and not a word about right to work. Are they waiting for the public to get a petition that will force a vote on  the right to work?
  • Those low testosterone commercials are getting really old. Guys don't watch commercials anyway. That is the time they get up to get a beer. And most women really don't care that you don't have much testosterone.
  • Thanks again to Channel 8 for bringing Kallie Cart on board.
  • Hopefully, it won't be so difficult switching all of the shirts from "Friends of Coal" to "Friends of Coal Companies."
  • School board member Becky Jordon's husband picked one of the most effective and best speakers for the subject of sexual diseases and abstinence. It was most effective.
  • Just over 12 percent of the population of West Virginia hunts. The other 88 percent does not hunt. Costa Rica has just recently outlawed hunting. If West Virginia were to outlaw hunting, one of the reasons for West Virginians to privately own firearms would suddenly disappear.
  • What could be more important than background checks on handgun purchasers? Are guns more important than the safety of your children and mine? Whenever possible, guns should stay out of the hands of people who are already in trouble with the law.
  • Thank you to former sheriff Dave Tucker for having the vision and foresight to create the bomb squad, despite opposition. It is a great tool for the Kanawha Valley.

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