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Your vents, Monday, May 6

  • To the person who said it would be a cold day in hell before he would ever vote for a Democrat: Now you know how I have felt since the day George W. Bush was selected president.

  • Instead of making sarcastic comments about the Boston bombings and gun control, maybe liberals should be watching the news and start asking questions about why the FBI and DHS are trying to cover up how they dropped the ball on the matter.
  • Once again, our politicians prove they are only interested in themselves when 90 percent of the people want background checks on guns. Once again, they prove we are too stupid to vote them out of office.
  • I just passed a slaughter truck full of baby pigs with their little snouts hanging out through the holes of the truck staring out at me. What a horrible, cruel world it is.
  • Burning trash is highly offensive and illegal. If you have problems with people doing it, call the DNR law enforcement division, and they will straighten it out for you and the people will never do it again.
  • The American Idol Tour needs to come to Charleston's Civic Center.
  • Don't trust anyone, even your co-workers. They will break into your house. Trust no one except the Lord.
  • We need someone like Ms. Campbell to be out fighting for something that needs a real battle, for something that really matters.
  • I see where the courts have again opened the case of Caperton vs. Massey Energy. I think that Don Blankenship should have to pay all the money back to Caperton, along with Brent Benjamin.
  • I'd like to hear the results of a poll of GW parents as to whether they agree or disagree with the speaker's comments. I'll bet the majority was for the speaker and what she said.
  • I tell all the little children I can about Jesus and to ask about Him when they are older because with the parents they have these days, some children don't have a chance.
  • This WVU fan of more than 60 years thinks that WVU's athletics have become rotten to the core. Oliver Luck has brought us an incompatible conference affiliation, unbalanced budgets, underperforming people and bad behavior.
  • I do not think all children should get free lunches. We are a "pave your own way" country.
  • How are the police going to stop someone from driving while talking on a cellphone when they don't stop them for having dark-tinted windows, dead stickers, dead licenses, brake lights out and head lights out?  
  • I have an even simpler way to solve the sequester cuts and budget problem. Cut the military budget by 25 percent and end all forms of corporate welfare. Done deal.
  • I don't know whether the coal mine owners and their flunky organization, "Friends of Coal," have got coal miners scared or fooled, but it makes no difference. Remember this: They don't care about the health or safety of coal miners. Their goal is to mine more coal for less money so they can reward their stockholders and executives.
  • "Judge Judy" is a television show and one of the highest-rated shows on TV - she may be the highest-paid actress. The show is scripted. It is not real life. Please.
  • The government caved again. The only way the FAA could cut $637 million from a $16 billion budget was to lay off the traffic controllers? If you believe that, I've got oceanfront property in Arizona. It worked - they got their money. Which agency will pull this blackmail next?
  • It's so pathetic to see people over 30 sitting with their spouse or family and giving all thir attention to their cellphone, looking at Facebook. Grow up and get involved with your real family, and stop wasting your life being jealous about Facebook "friends."
  • Fast and Furious, Benghazi and now the Boston bombing - government agencies responsible for our protection that haven't done their jobs are making up excuses and stories. High-ranking officials refuse to answer questions. Three separate instances swept under the rug by the White House. How many more times before people wake up?
  • In his Sunday Gazette-Mail column, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer absurdly tried to shift the blame of the Iraq war disaster onto President Obama and in doing so repeated the oft-told lie concerning President Bush, "he kept us safe." I ask Krauthammer and all others who repeat this lie, who was president of the United States on Sept. 11, 2001?
  • Congress just reversed itself and made it legal for them to use insider trading, so I guess it's legal for everyone else too. Right?
  • I've shopped at the Mountain Mission's thrift store for a long time. In the last several months, the prices on things have tripled. I'm on a fixed income. I thought thrift meant a bargain.
  • The 7-Eleven on the West Side needs to close at 7 p.m. and open up 7 a.m. It's too dangerous to go there late at night. Not only do I worry about the workers, but also me.
  • Complain about Fox News all you want. Time after time, the other networks eventually report the stories Fox has been investigating for weeks.

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