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Your vents, Tuesday, May 7

n The NRA has been strangely silent on the recent murders of elected and/or armed officials, temporarily stopping its motto about "good guys" stopping "bad guys" and that criminals seek gun-free zones for their crimes. Did the fallen officials need more guns? Should they have had their weapons drawn at all times? Even when opening the door to someone they may have known? The NRA doesn't say.

  • The mythical WMDs that Iraq did not have are appearing now in Syria, but only in the minds of Bush apologists. They grasp at any reason to excuse the unnecessary war in Iraq, costing more than 4,500 American deaths and $1 trillion of much-needed taxpayer money. Stupid.
  • The First Amendment has restrictions, particularly the free-speech part. Why should the Second Amendment not have restrictions? And please, when quoting the Second Amendment, quote the entire amendment, not just the part you think serves your purpose.
  • Not today, Joe. What he seems to never talk about is that his background-check amendment is part of a larger bill. Does that mean he is also supporting the rest of the bill?
  • The person who said he or she couldn't buy fully automatic weapons growing up in the '50s needs to do his or her homework before making gun comments. Pretty obvious he or she doesn't have a lot of knowledge when it comes to guns.
  • Millions of Iraqis are living better lives today after we put Saddam Hussein out of power. They now have a new government. Still new with some bugs to be worked out, but better than what they had. The continuous 4,500-died-for-nothing comment is pretty much the same as spitting on the graves of those heroes.
  • It sure would be nice if the Kanawha prosecutor were as sincere and dedicated about prosecuting actual criminals as he is prosecuting parents in truancy cases.
  • Yes, the Founding Fathers were very clear about the Second Amendment. They specified "a well regulated militia being necessary" when saying that American citizens' "right to bear arms shall not be infringed."
  • After seeing the administration threaten the Benghazi whistle blowers, it seems to show that you can take the man out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of the man.
  • To the person who predicts Sen. Joe Manchin will not be re-elected in 2016: You are absolutely correct. But not for the reason you provide. The senator is not up for re-election until 2018. You should spend a little more time studying the Constitution and a little less time making political predictions.
  • To the person who didn't want to hastily judge the 19-year-old terrorist: You are the problem for being passive and not calling it as it is just like Obama has done in the past. Yes, young people make mistakes, but decent people don't kill and destroy in the name of their religion.
  • If our boards of education worried as much about teaching things like history, math, English, etc. instead of worrying about T-shirts, abstinence, bullying and diversity, maybe our kids would get an education and be able to support themselves versus growing up thinking somebody else will take care of them.
  • The people who keep comparing the number of Bush vacations to Obama's seem to forget the important numbers. Why don't they compare the cost of sending two people to the same secure location every trip to the cost of flying an entire family to a different location every trip? I doubt that will ever happen - that would require a Democrat to actually think.
  • In regard to the article "Medicare cuts could limit WVUH residencies," I'd like to know how Medicare cuts could do that. I'm sure a lot of other people would also like to know.
  • The city of Nitro recently had a town cleanup. Would someone tell me where the mayor, city recorder and director of Public Works were during the cleanup?
  • Why do West Virginia taxpayers lose millions from our state to out-of-state horse breeders?  Last year, $92 million went out, and that is a shame. That could have funded roads in West Virginia.
  • The New York Jets have done a real disservice to Tim Tebow. It upsets me. He has such potential. Maybe it is because he is a Christian and maybe because how he has played in his NFL career.
  • I'd like to know why there wasn't much in the news about the death of George Beverly Shea. He sang for 60 years with Billy Graham.
  • I hope that Hillary does run. If she does, she will be our next president.
  • The Kanawha County parks board needs to be fired by the county commission. They wasted $55,000 to help defend the director on ethics charges, and he should be made to pay these fees.
  • I just read in the Vent Line that a Republican NRA member said he would approve of background checks. Wow, do you believe in miracles?
  • It is 4:29 p.m. on Monday, and I see gas has gone up another dime. That makes it 80 cents higher in Kanawha County than it is in Virginia, which we just traveled through. They are gouging us. We need help.
  • This is in response to the person saying the reason congregations are down in church is because there hasn't been a pastor or Christian at their door for 25 years. Well, when they were there 25 years ago, why didn't you go?

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