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Your vents, Wednesday, May 8

  • The W.Va. Turnpike is in good shape? Really? Just look over the guardrail, and you will see just how trashy it really is.

  • How can anyone support Obama when he supports Planned Parenthood, an organization that kills babies?  
  • Years ago, the hippies were fighting against America. Now, the former hippies are in control and are against working men and women. As the professors and trainers of corporate America, they teach short-changing workers and sending jobs overseas and cheating us out of retirement and benefits. Please bring back decency for working people.
  • The most stunning and provocative statement since the Gettysburg Address appeared on your editorial page by Thomas Sowell. It is about not gambling with our immigration policy and is so true. God must be happy and content today.
  • I once wrote to Sen. Byrd about Social Security and got a form back to fill out for black lung.
  • Please remove the star from the house before you try to sell your house. They are a turnoff in pictures.
  • Help. We have an animal hoarder in our neighborhood. What do we do? The animals get killed on the road every year, and more and more keep being born, and he has nothing to do with it.
  • The Mountaineer football team will have a total of 27 different uniform combinations to choose from, but they will still be the whipping boy of the Big 12 just like they were last year.
  • I'm committed that the far left, which has a lock on our educational process, will not have access to the minds of the youth of my family.
  • On the subject of church attendance going down: I left the church because some preachers don't bring up verses like Ecclesiastes 9:5-6 or Malachi 4:1-3.
  • For the person who is looking for somewhere in Sissonville to put a park or green space: The best place for that would be on Wolf Pen Drive.
  • If I ruled the world, all perverts who abuse and torture little children would be sent post-haste to a veterinarian and be castrated just like they do horses.
  • What is up with the judges on "American Idol"? They know who is going to win and they already have them picked out.
  • Some guy said he got a $200 raise for the year on Social Security, and I only got a $28 increase for the year. What is going on? Someone clarify this please. I worked and made a lot of money as a young man, so what is up?
  • You might think the Democrats are whining about the guns, but if someone comes around without a background check and tries to wipe out some of your family, you might be the one whining about background checks.
  • Congressional elections are next year, and the time is getting closer. Too bad there isn't a new presidential election next year. The one we have has no common sense and just wants to destroy us.
  • For the person who thinks we should pray for the 19-year-old terrorist: I think we should pray for the people who lost their limbs and lives.
  • America is the land of the free, the home of the brave and the undereducated. God bless us everyone.
  • OK, America, why do we think we have to police all the other countries? Syria has a civil war going on and that is their business, not ours. We need to focus on our own problems over here and quit spending money and losing our young men and women's lives in wars we don't have any business being in.

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