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Your vents, Thursday, May 9

  • To the caller who claims to have access to the IQs of our politicians: It is highly unlikely that you could know what George Bush's and John Kerry's IQs are. Bless your heart.

  • Sen. Joe Manchin said for us to read the gun bill. Well, how about reading what the Obama administration's Justice Department says about the background checks? They say it is useless without full gun registration. So why offer a worthless law?  
  • Islam is not a peaceful religion. The results of any organization prove the worth of that organization.
  • I went to Walmart this weekend, and they have no gun shells and very few guns. They said there is probably a two-year backorder on shells and guns. What's this country coming to?
  • Shame on W.Va. State for giving the graduating students just nine tickets for family and friends to attend a special event. The remainder must watch it on a big-screen television.
  • I don't understand the drug take-back day. I went to the Foodland in Kanawha City during the hours they were supposed to be taking pills, and I saw no police or anyone taking them. I went to South Charleston's sheriff's detachment too. So now I'm driving around with about 400 pills, and I don't know what to do with them.
  • When will there be a daily pill for males so they will take responsibility for preventing pregnancy also?
  • My two friends and I visited two fast food restaurants this past week. We could hardly have a conversation with each other because the wait staff continued to scream and laugh with each other. The managers should take care of this.
  • What is going to stop a 15-year-old girl from going to purchase the Plan B pill and giving it to a younger girl?
  • I love people who use words like "myopic" when they know darn well most people here have no idea what that means.
  • The weather is getting warm so people, if you are wondering to yourself if you need a shower and some deodorant, the answer is yes. Have some pride.
  • How come the DHHR doesn't have a hiring freeze on nurses? To keep and recruit them, they need to raise the pay of nurses.
  • I guess with new legislative action allowing people to carry firearms to swimming pools, I'd better be more careful. I might bump into someone in the doorway and get murdered. Thank you, legislators.
  • It isn't our fault that Appalachian Power has been dragging their feet and letting the trees grow into the lines instead of cutting them off like they should have all along. The PSC needs to tell them "No."
  • Why do politicians waste our money trying to fool us with the barrels and cones set up on the highway and keeping traffic backed up? They are doing absolutely no work.
  • The students were forced to stay and listen to the speaker at George Washington High School. They didn't have the freedom to leave the assembly.
  • Could you pass the SAT to get into Yale? Could you be governor of Texas like Bush was? People look so small who condemn other people.
  • The recycling company knew how the Charleston people were recycling materials and putting them in plastic bags to keep things from blowing all over the place before he bought it out. The owner shouldn't be complaining about it now.


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