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Your vents, Friday, May 10

  • Seeing as we have so many radical college professors, the younger Boston bomber didn't have to go very far to become a radical.

  • Well, the NRA did it again. They scared the American people on top of the table while they had their hands full of money under the table paying Republican and Democrat politicians in West Virginia not to pass the gun law. It only concerned automatic weapons and wasn't going to take anyone's guns away.
  • How can one person cause so much trouble when she was only trying to teach them common sense and how to be safe against sexual diseases?
  • If your flight was delayed, just thank Republicans who insisted on smaller government.
  • I think the Logan County teacher who let his political beliefs override his common sense and decency should be suspended without pay the rest of the year. Maybe they should not bring him back next year.
  • This is in regard to the lady who was going to interview me for a job, but then she told me that since I live in Roane County, that it is too far away from Charleston. Well, a lot of people live in Roane County and work in Charleston every day, and I'm one of them. It isn't really that far away.
  • If you want a heartwarming thought to get you through the day, think about the power and love of God who is personable and has a personal interest in you. He watches over you daily and created an awesome universe with trillions of galaxies. Love Him and trust Him.
  • During the Bush Library dedication, Obama was talking about his legacy. There won't be a legacy because he has done nothing right.
  • It would be nice if Walt Helmick would take down his billboard sign near Kanawha City on the interstate.
  • Obama is lost today because he can no longer blame Bush. The ball is in his court, and his policies and actions have become a complete flop. His followers are starting to call him a failed leader.
  • The commercials for Victoria's Secret, Viagra, Cialis, men's and women's catheters and low-T commercials have to be taken off the air. They not only are offensive, but they are shown more than 100 times a day. Put them on Spike, the men's channel.
  • I can't stop thinking about Sandy Hook. Teachers must have complete control of the locks to their rooms from inside the rooms. Give the teachers that power to protect the children, please.
  • What happened in Kentucky with the little boy shooting his little sister with the gun is a tragedy. Who in their right mind would give a child a gun?
  • A man I was dating had serious injuries caused by his seat belt when he had a car accident. While complaining about the seat belt injuries to his doctor, the doctor said, "Yeah, but without the seat belt, you would have been dead."
  • Coonskin is truly the people's park built by volunteers. I don't think the air guard should take precedence over that.
  • Would someone please explain to me how doing a background check is going to take guns away from you? It is a lie.


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