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Your vents, Tuesday, May 14

  • While I hope coal can be part of the energy mix for many years, the states cannot be counted upon to provide effective regulation of mining activities. The EPA fulfills a critical role. Let's hope the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014 will be someone who truly seeks a balance between jobs and the environment.

  • To the person who said they were going to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the earth and atheists couldn't stop them: Go ahead. Spread it, carry it, mail it, email it  - we atheists don't care. And that's what really bugs you, isn't it? We just don't care.
  • In the 1970s, Arch Moore taught me never to vote for a Republican at the state level. Then, in 2000-2008, George W. Bush taught me never to vote for a Republican at the national level. And I never will.
  • More liberal hypocrisy. They can bring up Sandy Hook, Bush and Iraq all they want, but they want us to shut up about Benghazi.
  • A few years ago, Iraqi citizens were being killed by Saddam's government. Girls and women had no rights, and there were no elections. Things have a long way to go, but yes, their lives have improved.
  • It is pretty obvious the person praising the FBI for their handling of the Boston bombing doesn't waste his or her precious time watching the news. If the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security had been doing their jobs, the bombing might have been avoided.
  • If the government were really concerned about our health, it would outlaw tobacco. More people are harmed or killed by tobacco than any other cause. Why is it legal? Makes no sense.
  • Did we learn nothing from the ill-conceived war in Iraq? Stay out of the civil war in Syria. Let those people decide their own fate.
  • I wish people would stop attacking Becky Jordon because her husband, Andrew, is so generous. He donates thousands of dollars every year to all kinds of events and causes. Please stop speculating until you receive all the facts. They are good people.
  • To whoever drew that tasteless cartoon of Tim Tebow: It's a classless and tasteless thing to poke fun about somebody for their religious beliefs. Taunt him for being "unemployed" now or the fact he can't throw a football very well. But never for his beliefs. It's just wrong, and you should be ashamed of yourself.
  • Why don't we use the right-of-way mowing to feed cattle? Imagine instead of paying people to mow the grass, we have farmers bidding on the right to harvest the grass to make hay? What a huge savings that would be.
  • That was a nice article you had in the paper on WVU's soccer schedule. I'm just curious why they don't play games against Marshall University in Charleston.  
  • Please don't ever go totally digital. The Daily Mail is like a letter from home.
  • I think students should go to school inside their own district, not outside of it.
  • God will bless Tim Tebow with a good job either in the NFL or something according to God's wishes.
  • Obama Joe will get a presidential appointment, and that is why he is backing Obama's policies. He won't be running for re-election.
  • If they destroyed the records after doing background checks, I wouldn't object to them. But they will keep the records, and it will lead to gun confiscation.


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