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Your vents, Friday, May 17

  • I agree with Thomas Sowell. Socialism in general has a blatant failure record. Only a liberal could ignore this. I agree.

  • There are fewer regulations for making good beer than for Obamacare. That is disgusting and not fair.
  • A friend of mine who used to work for a grocery store said you wouldn't believe the amount of food thrown away from the store's deli. Why don't they donate this food to a good cause?
  • The second week in May has given us some hope that the mainstream media haven't sold out completely to the Obama administration.
  • There is another offensive commercial that is shown 50 times a day. Joe Theismann talks about his aging prostate and going to the bathroom too often. Please put it on Spike TV with the rest of them.
  • The young people having baby after baby while single cause child abuse due to inability to care for the children. Taxpayers are tired of taking care of those children. The parents need to grow up.
  • I think the CIA is responsible for the deaths in Benghazi. They were there that day. They controlled the intelligence reports, and they edited the "talking points." What was their motive in all of this?
  • God has no blind spots. He sees, hears and remembers it all.
  • If the GW speaker helps one student, it was worth it all, and the principal should get a standing ovation.
  • There is nothing better than a good old fried bologna sandwich with mustard and onions and a big cold glass of Kool-Aid. That is West Virginia steak and champagne.
  • I reckon I will have to hunt up a dictionary and look up the word "myopic." Or am I being too pedantic?
  • Let's say the gun control bill passes and gun violence continues unchanged. Then what would be the next step taken by gun control advocates?
  • Our children will not eat this crap in school you call good food. They come home and eat real food. Get a life.
  • Some folks have no sense of humor. When you read the Vent Line, you can tell when buttons have been pushed and folks are popping up like "Whack-a-Mole." That is why I like to read it.
  • One reason church attendance is dropping is that besides tithing, they want you to finance big, expensive churches they want to build, which is utterly ridiculous.
  • Today, the government silences Christians. They make an easy target because they don't fight back. But friends, who will the government silence tomorrow?
  • There are many churches that do not have loud drums and music. Look around. We sing wonderful old hymns in our church and good preaching. People will just not get out of bed and go to church on Sundays.  
  • When will the Republican members of Congress do the job they were elected for and quit spending their time harassing political opponents?
  • I love how the people blaming Bush for 9/11 either conveniently forget or aren't smart enough to know it was their very own beloved Bill Clinton who chose not to get Bin Laden when he had the chance.
  • At a speech at Ohio State University, President Barack Obama dared graduates to reject cynical voices. Did he pass out earplugs prior to the speech?


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