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Your Vents, Tuesday, May 21

* I think it is sad if there are people in West Virginia who do not know words like "myopic." I suggest you buy a dictionary, turn off the TV, and read library books. You will be amazed how educated you can become.

* Obama and company caused the sequester by refusing to balance the budget. Like a kid not getting his way, Obama only shut down government services like White House tours, park rangers and air traffic control to inconvenience the people. Then he blamed the GOP, and the ever-obedient Kool-Aid drinkers believed him.

* Once upon a time, Morris Harvey was a good school attracting rich kids from New England. Now look at it.

* Names, addresses and Social Security numbers for background checks will be kept on record. All it would take would be another socialist administration like Obama's to start knocking on doors and collecting guns. Could it happen? Yes. It's happened before in other countries.

* Our grandkids and great-grandkids may never know what freedom is.

* Don't let anyone tell you that background checks for gun purchases aren't being done. According to FBI statistics, since the beginning of Obama's term until the end of April 2013, there were 73,219,367 background checks done for gun purchases. From January to April 2013, 8,728,673 background checks for gun purchases have been done.

* For the person who sent the heartwarming thought about God in Friday's issue of the Vent Line: Thank you. I needed that.

* Whoever designed the interstate around Charleston ought to be horsewhipped.

* People who serve God don't want to hear your nonsense. We pray hard for sinners like you who just don't know any better.

* Those saying the media are treating Obama with kid gloves conveniently forget the favored treatment George W. Bush got concerning his push for the war in Iraq - not calling him out on his lies about WMDs and inspections.

* Hillary Clinton's campaign for president in 2016 just got a big boost as right-wing nut Rand Paul said she was unfit for office. This immediately makes intelligent people think she might be a good president.

* Maybe you are just jealous because older people can afford to drive convertibles.

* Gun control is like trying to reduce drunken driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.

* Tim Tebow's display of religious fervor is wonderful and is enlightening and a good example for our children and all of us. I'd rather see good things than drugs and all the bad things they talk about. Thank you, Tim Tebow.

* Quit whining. Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but about how to dance in the rain.


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