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Your Vents, Thursday, May 23

* The Internal Revenue Service is out of control. They have admitted targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. Groups that were singled out had in their applications the words "tea party," "patriot," and First and Second Amendment, for example. This goes back as far as 2011. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner needs to be subpoenaed to testify.

* One thing is consistent about Big Bend Golf Course  - it is always in bad shape.

* Just this week, I have seen articles on the need for construction workers and lifeguards. Then this morning, I saw "help wanted" signs on the doors of three local businesses. Interesting, huh?

* West Virginia ranked No. 1 as "depressed"? Sure. Just read this column and pick out the nasty words and comments. Do these people always wake up angry? Then watch Channel 8's parade of orange jumpsuits, fires, wrecks, fights and abused animals at 6 p.m. Either one would depress anyone.

* I have never thought of my government as being "jackbooted thugs," but now I do.

* I can't believe the Citizen's Action Group could find no one else besides McGraw and Marple to honor. Please. There are all kinds of people who work twice as hard as they have.

* I personally have no doubt the IRS operation regarding conservative groups had an effect on the last presidential election.

* Juan Williams is one of the rudest news analysts on Fox. He thinks he knows more than everyone on every panel. He should be fired.

* Barack Obama needs to do what is best for this country and resign immediately to save his administration any more embarrassment.

* Most people who call in to the Vent Line say things off the top of their heads. Proverbs 18:13 says, "He who answers a matter before he hears it is folly and shame to him." If we set aside our own opinions and seek true understanding, then we become the beneficiaries.

* On the so-called unfunded pension liabilities the city of Charleston has: If the city had been paying the premiums all these years they would not be unfunded. They should be held accountable.

* It should be made mandatory for anyone having anything to do with children to have background checks. This includes Little League baseball and cheerleading coaches. Convicted felons are not supposed to be on school property.

* With all of the controversies that go on at GW and Capital High Schools, I'm glad my kids went to South Charleston.

* How can it be right for the Kanawha County superintendent to make more than the governor of the state of West Virginia? He makes $157,000. There is no way he is worth even close to that amount.

* I stand behind the president. I trust him.


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