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Your Vents, Monday, May 27

* Suppressing Miss Campbell's graduation speech under the thinly veiled guise of streamlining the graduation process is patently vindictive.

* I think Obama is bringing our country down faster than ever. He needs to be impeached.

* I think the students who broke into the Wayne High School should be given some time in jail. There must be some political pull there. If it were my kids they'd throw the book at them.

* These three scandals that aren't going anywhere are only giving Republicans more excuses not to work with the president and not fix our bridges and highways before more people get killed. This is the most disgraceful thing that has ever happened.

* Kudos to the principal at George Washington High School on his new policy regarding graduating seniors and speakers. We've experienced nothing but a three-ring circus atmosphere at that school's graduation ceremonies in the past and found it very boring listening to all those speeches.

* Were the tobacco settlement jurors not shown the full-page tobacco ads in Life Magazine years ago complete with doctors extolling the benefits of smoking on the respiratory system? I'm old enough to have seen them.

* It is bad enough we can't open the paper during the week without reading some lame story about George Washington High School. Then I received the Neighborhood ad paper in the mail - on the front page was GW students zip-lining. Anybody else tired of all the GW stories?

* I wish the newspaper would quit saying gas prices are going down. Every time they do the gas prices go up the very same day. Please stop.

* America needs to stand up for our land. There are enough people here to keep us the land of the free. We don't need illegal immigrants. Where else could that happen? God is our only hope.

* Does anyone really think the president actually wanted our ambassador and three others to be killed in Benghazi? Is that what this word fight is all about? Really?

* People of my generation didn't know how cigarettes could hurt their health. Young people do know. My husband died because of cigarette smoke and said several times he wished he had known.

* The Senate and the office of president have become so far left that even a liberal state like West Virginia can no longer stomach it.

* Dr. Welch is a fine and upright citizen but he needs to take a close look at his sports programs. Something needs to be done immediately.

* Food was left on my porch for the donation on Saturday and none of it was picked up in Kanawha City by the post office.

* My daughter is in kindergarten and school food is disgusting. She comes home starving after school. We tried sending her lunch, but there are too many restrictions on what she can bring. I think they should compromise and bring some taste back into the Kanawha County Schools menus.

* We have well-informed attorneys who call in to the Vent Line and explain the lack of prosecution of the two brothers in Cleveland. How dumb I am. I used to think you needed evidence to charge someone with a crime.

* Where have all our morals gone? About three months ago while a friend of mine was working at a department store in Clarksburg, a co-worker accessed my friend's personal information, including her Social Security number, and signed my friend up for a store credit card without my friend's permission.

* Wonder how the NRA and the right-wing nuts are going to try to pin the deadly Oklahoma tornado on President Obama? They'll sure try.

* Why don't people complain about how we are a fascist country, ruled by corporations and the rich, instead of crying about how President Obama is trying to make us a socialist country? I much prefer the government helping the average American, versus bowing down to corporations and the very rich.

* Thankfully, West Virginia schools don't have to worry about tornadoes. But our kids would be much safer if we could keep religious fanatics and poor administrators out of the school systems, too.

* I have taken home delivery of the newspaper for years, and I am a little upset that they now want me to pay for the online version that I have already paid for once. Give your paying home customers a break with a free online version.

* EDITOR'S NOTE: We do offer free online subscriptions to our home delivery customers. To register your free online account, call customer service at 304-348-4800. A representative will walk you through the process.

* The Founding Fathers wrote the word "arms" to encompass all individual and personal weapons. That is in black and white. They did not spell out any specifically. Your opinion of what they might have or not have meant is strictly your opinion and does not concern me at all.

* Concerning Benghazi, I don't see whether you describe it as a terrorist attack or just a riot, the results are the same. One might question why we didn't respond with the military quicker, why security was insufficient, and why Congress cut funding for embassy security - all valid points.

* I need my money to pay my expenses and I'm not taking on anyone else to support. So there will be no more donations from me. Enough is enough. I have my own problems making ends meet, so get off my back.

* When will the Public Service Commission do something about our only TV cable provider? Once again, my cable is out this weekend. I live in the city and every weekend - every weekend - some or all parts of Suddenlink do not work. We pay dearly for this service.

* It was a relief to see that common sense prevailed at the recent Kanawha County School Board meeting, even if by only a 3-to-2 vote. Why some people feel the need to impose their beliefs (especially religious ones) on others is a mystery.

* Hate, is hate, is hate. If you spend your time hating others, you are not a very nice person. So why do so many of our so-called political leaders spend their time complaining, criticizing, undermining and attacking others?

* Unbelievable. With all the scandals in the news, all some airhead can complain about is the age of people driving convertible cars. I hope that concerned citizen isn't registered to vote.


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