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Your Vents, Tuesday, May 28

* I think it's time for a flat tax. The IRS has just gotten too much control.

* The neighborhoods in South Charleston are parking nightmares - junk cars, trailers, parking on yellow lines and sidewalks. How about patrolling the hills and spending less time at 7-Eleven and Gino's?

* If "the Bible says so" is the standard response to many of life's questions, how come few people agree with what the Bible says, or interpret it the same way? And so many people use it to spread hatred.

* Do the Republicans in Congress ever do anything positive for our country? All we ever hear about them is their criticizing, complaining and attacking others.

* A few miles off the St. Albans exit of Interstate 64, the W.Va. Division of State Highways built a small five-to-six-truck rest area. Few, if any, trucks will take the time to try to find it, much less use it. The time, money and asphalt wasted on this project would have patched half the potholes in Kanawha County.

* Obama and his cabinet are all saying they didn't do it and they knew nothing about it. Are they lying or are they not smart enough to hold any kind of leadership position? Either way, they all need to be replaced with smarter and more responsible people.

* Sunday Gazette-Mail columnist Susan Estrich called Angelina Jolie the "sexiest woman in the world." Please. I've seen better-looking women in Boone County beer joints.

* I don't see where the AP has a problem with the government monitoring their phone calls. We've all had that problem since George W. Bush and the Republican Congress shoved through the disgusting, so-called Patriot Act.

* Why has the idiotic phrase "went missing" replaced the perfectly clear and simple word, "disappeared?"

* The solution to the school transfer problem is easy: Go to school where you live. If you want to go to another school, sell your house and buy one in that school district. If you think the school in your area is not as good as others, then work to make it better.

* Dan Quayle was no JFK and Dollar Danny is certainly no Charlie West.

* I am obese with diabetes. Can I sue these KFC stores for selling to me? Oh yes, I know it was very harmful to my overall health, but I think I should be rewarded with a large sum of money. I also need to sue the couch factories and the remote control manufacturers, too. You can't cure stupid.

* Diehard Obama supporters say the GOP is making up the recent scandals while at the same time Obama is standing in front of the cameras admitting the stories are true. This just proves how much your average Obama supporter knows about current events.

* One scandal in one government agency the president might not know about. Multiple scandals in multiple agencies - it is hard to believe the president was that far out of the loop. He is either dishonest or the most incompetent president in history.

* Someone stated that nine out of 10 least-educated states did not vote for Obama. Didn't you stop and think that just maybe they were really the most intelligent states? My IQ is in the higher range of intelligence and I did not vote for him. Thank you for being so smart.

* Thank you, venter, for being judge, jury and executioner in the case of Mr. Zimmerman. So nice to know there are so many folks out there who are so intelligent they can crucify someone without knowing any of the circumstances surrounding the case.

* Are there any places in our area that teach line dancing?

* The person who said there are no atheists in hell is correct, but probably not in the way he believes. One cannot be in a place that doesn't exist.

* Religion is a great method to get gold from the ignorant.

* Just because you believe something is true doesn't mean that it is. It only means you believe it.

* The primary purpose of a 501(c)(4) entity is supposed to be the promotion of social welfare. None of these political front groups should get a tax-exempt status.

* Gov. Tomblin wants more tax money to fight obesity in the state. Well, the fix is to take five cents off every welfare dollar and keep doing it until they lose weight. Stop taking tax dollars.

* How dare the U.S. Justice Department go after James Rosen, who is one of the best reporters Fox News has? They called him a co-conspirator when he was trying to get information regarding a story on North Korea. This has Obama's fingerprints all over it. It smacks of communism if you ask me.

* If you are digging a new waterline or building a new business of any kind, just call Shelley Capito and she will be there to get her picture in the newspaper.

* I recently attended a hearing for a meth user in Putnam County. I just want to inform them even though they were well tanned it still didn't hide the sores on their face. Keep that in mind.

* Kent Carper has changed his stance and thinks there is nothing wrong with what the Chesapeake VFD has done. I guarantee Mr. Plants will follow suit and agree that nothing wrong has been done.


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