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Your vents for Wednesday, June 5

  • You have to stand behind the president to trust him because you can't trust anything coming from his mouth; and anything his eyes set upon is soon to become a subject of regulation or destruction.

  • Why are the administrators at the Kanawha County school board and George Washington and Capital high schools who "allowed" the preaching of religious sexual biases in our schools still employed? Are the inmates running the asylum?
  • Folks hate being reminded that the Democrat Congress went along with George W. Bush and his push for war in Iraq. This includes Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Rockefeller.
  • The recent picture of a wife and her young son at his father's grave at the Arlington Cemetery reminds me of the two imbeciles, Bush and Chaney, and the damage they did to this country. Thousands are dead because of them.
  • The lawyer who thinks being unshaven, with wrinkled and mismatched plaid shirt, jacket and tan khakis is conservative is all wrong. Being neatly shaven with an ironed dress shirt, tie and suit is conservative.
  • Only God can move mountains, but faith and prayer can move God.
  • Don't we have laws about recycling centers that buy stolen copper wire from thieves?
  • Wake up, pet owners. You need to visit the animal shelter and see all the animals that no one took the time to care for. Get your pet fixed.
  • Attorney General Holder wants a meeting with the media off the record. He doesn't want a record of what he says to them.
  • I can't believe our state is so hard up they can't pay tax refunds to people after four months of waiting on them.
  • If London's citizens were allowed to carry concealed weapons, someone could have annihilated the two idiots who brutally killed the soldier on the street. It would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.
  • Is Suddenlink going to reschedule the season finale for "Nashville" since the cable was out all Wednesday evening?
  • Councilmen are a waste. They never call you back or help you, so what good are they?
  • I see another woman who wants notoriety by using her 9-year-old daughter to chastise McDonald's for using kid's toys to sell what she calls junk food, cheeseburgers and fries. Why does the press even carry this liberal-motivated junk? Why doesn't the mother make her child a more liberal-type healthy meal herself?
  • What a shame. One child had a bologna and cheese sandwich and a girl had a bowl of strawberries and a burrito that fell apart. I believe they still allow bag lunches to be taken from home to school.
  • Please Legislature, put a law on the books giving grandparents rights to see their grandchildren. Also to have custody of them when things go wrong.
  • The traffic congestion at the Hurricane interchange is horrible. The Department of Highways needs to look at the situation and fix it.
  • Gov. Tomblin has exempted the No Child Left Behind Law - that way we can raise many more dumb hillbillies. Thanks, governor.
  • Why didn't the power company bury the power lines between the Kanawha City Bridge and the Moose?
  • If any child goes hungry in America, the fault lies with the parents. Free food is available at almost any church, at food banks and also food stamps.
  • For over 70 years Congress has had the authority through the commerce clause of the Constitution to regulate every type of activity and behavior that a citizen of this country may engage in. This includes the food you eat, the food you grow in your garden, how you drive, what you drive, whether or not you wear your seatbelt and the animals you have. This is how the government compels citizens to buy health insurance.

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