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Your vents for Wednesday, June 12

  • To the person who selectively posted the 'anti-gay comment' quoting Leviticus in the Bible, there are lots of questionable 'abominations' listed in Leviticus such as: wearing polyester clothing; eating food from the sea and cloven-footed animals; shaving your beard; hating other people; not marrying a virgin; and failing to help the poor; to name a few. Are you going to follow all of its outdated regulations too? Perhaps that is why there is a New Testament. 

  • To those of you who question how some of us could support the White House during these difficult times, that is exactly the question a lot of us asked during the George W. Bush administration's phony lead up to the Iraq war.
  • Lawrence Lyons Jr. wrote, "If the federal government really wanted to put people to work, it would issue mining permits in Appalachia. Spruce No. 1 has 14 seams of coal that I could count. The oil companies would like to build a pipeline from Alberta, Canada, to Houston, Texas. No taxpayer money required, just a building permit." Liberals are laughing at this? Hmmmm.
  • Why are all of the Republicans, including Speaker John Boehner, so upset over subpoenaing the phone records? It is a known fact that Boehner voted 12 times for the Patriot Act and it is in the Patriot Act. So what kind of wool are they trying to pull over the people's eyes? They voted on it under George W. Bush.
  • I love my country and since I have done nothing to harm it, I have nothing to fear. They are welcome to my phone number.
  • I get furious when I read the school board wants to raise more money by raising the property taxes. Us seniors live payday to payday and cannot afford more taxes. Put the food tax back on because that is the only tax that everyone pays. 
  • They've put everything up at GW. Not everyone can afford to live up there. They are considered to be Charleston's best and brightest. They are snobs up there.
  • Obama's targeting of Christians and conservatives with the IRS is nothing compared to what his death panels will do when Obamacare kicks in.
  • No one says a word when the NFL, NBA or MLB players express their religion by doing the Catholic crucifix, but when Tim Tebow takes a knee to give thanks he gets persecuted. Why is this?
  • I cannot help but pay attention to society's basic demeanor.  I don't understand how people survive without asking almighty God for companionship and help. Because of pride and stubbornness, some of you aren't doing so well, are you?
  • Please tell me why they allow smoking at Dunbar Bingo?
  • The sexual revolution is of the devil. It is not of God.
  • The I-64 crash proves it. People are tailgating idiots when they drive.
  • I am wondering what has happened to Shelley Capito and the rest of the Republicans. They claim to be friends of coal but all through the Patriot bankruptcy case I've not heard a word from them. I wonder if they might be more friends of the coal operators than they are of the miners.
  • I don't know what the congressional House members are so bent out of shape about the IRS spending $3,500 for rooms for IRS personnel. I'd call that stimulating the economy.
  • We need a two-term limit on all elected offices.  How can we get this on the next statewide ballot?
  • If you use Main Avenue in Nitro as a racetrack, there are children who play here. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour here. Please do not be selfish and cause the death of an innocent child. Drive the speed limit.
  • I'm glad President Obama kept and continued President Bush's programs to watch out for terrorist phone and Internet communications. So far it has been working.

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