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Your vents for Thursday, June 13

  • People want to have less government, meaning less government employees. Well, if the government stops hiring people directly and goes through an outside contractor for workers, the taxpayers still foot the bill. 

  • The headline in the paper says that "GW is closed to transfer students." Well, that isn't true.  They said that last year but I could probably name 20 students or more who transferred from Horace Mann last year. Once again this is a farce. 
  • Medicine is customer service. You are providing a consumer product and you don't have to do business with anyone you don't want to. Sloppy and dangerous health care can't be forced on people; they will reject it. People won't put up with it.
  • Local meteorologists need to tell us how much precipitation we have had every few days.
  • It looks like President Obama appointed people to fill his cabinet from people being relieved from San Quentin prison.
  • When South Charleston passes its urban deer hunt, they will have to take down their signs saying that it is some place special. It will no longer be special. It will just be Charleston Light.
  • I thank Tom Hindman for his great bird pictures.
  • Hoppy Shores was my hero. Where is the picture of him that used to hang in the cafeteria at Stonewall Jackson High School? Go Hoppy!
  • It amazes me how the word "treason" is shouted by politicians when their devious schemes are exposed and put in the public light.  If committing treason is exposing what is illegal in the first place, I don't think so.
  • What good are the DEA and the Charleston Police Department? You call them about people selling drugs and running a prostitution house and people speed up and down the road and give them a license number; they tell you there's nothing they can do about it.
  • I guess GW has already recruited all the athletes they need so they've closed their transfer policy. Well, keep practicing and getting better at your sport and eventually they'll let you in.
  • I fear my government more than terrorists at this point.
  • I read an article about career-focused studies reflecting the future of education. Duh.  Schools are doing anything but that. Make sure the schools are teaching for the future and not just babysitting.
  • I made quite a few donations to Little Victories animal rescue, and when I call them, they do not return the call. I may have to re-think my donations in the future.
  • I think it is odd that a federal prosecutor like Goodwin would get a leading part in a state school safety plan.  State officials should be in charge of this.
  • Attention parents: Common core education starts in Kanawha County this coming fall. Be aware, know what it's about and find out about it. Get your head out of the sand.
  • Before it is over all of Obama's administration will be investigated by the House.
  • The story about Cleveland police being punished for a fatal chase seems like the fatal chase that resulted in the death of Charleston police officer Jerry Jones.
  • What happened to the employees in Cross Lanes who sold surplus property from the Union Public Service District and kept the proceeds? The public wants to know.
  • Editor's note: This issue will be taken up at the Kanawha County Commission meeting today.


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