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Your vents for Friday, June 14

  • Why is Congress concentrating on illegal immigrants and giving them the right to stay here and work? Millions of Americans need a job. These immigrants could be terrorists in training.  How about checking that out in Washington, D.C.? You'd probably be surprised.

  • Congratulations to Don Surber for his wonderful article on fatherhood.
  • South Charleston should also ban baggy pants. While traveling down the alley to the bank, a man was bent over getting things from his car. The view left nothing to the imagination.
  • Kudos to Derek Taylor for writing his article about the North-South game media day.  Shame on the coaches for spending more time talking about the players who weren't there, as opposed to celebrating the players who were there.
  • When are Putnam and Kanawha counties going to fix the 40th Street potholes? Buses and trucks hit them and keep us awake at night.
  • The Patriot Act, which was started under George W. Bush and continues under Barack Obama, shows they want to completely control the lives of Americans. 
  • To the person who was talking about gays, you should read Romans in the New Testament.
  • Of course Obama is going to stand by Holder and Clapper and anyone else who lies. They don't know anything else. He won't fire anyone for breaking the law because he has done it dozens and dozens of times.
  • You gotta love this administration. They are complaining about someone complaining about how out of control they are.
  • My comment is Rockefeller and Feinstein lied to George Bush about the war.
  • That's right. The devil invented sex. Everyone knows that God made man from dirt and made woman from man's rib.
  • Now there are allegations that Hillary Clinton lied about state department scandals. Before it is over they will all have scandals.
  • All area hospitals can attribute the shortage of nurses to the messups at the University of Charleston and how they treated their nursing students.
  • Gasoline in Henderson, SC, is $3.04 a gallon, and here in Charleston it is $3.69 a gallon.
  • Can anyone tell me if Poca High School is going to have a 30-year high school reunion?  Does anyone have the date?
  • I think it is ridiculous that they allow Mount Olive's inmates to only have one shower a week.
  • I think the television weather persons incite panic in the people when there is a storm coming. Usually it pans out not to come anyway.
  • Thank God that 10-year-old Sara has finally undergone surgery to have a lung transplant. Let's pray for her and her family for her recovery.
  • The jails are full. It is written there will be a great falling away near the end of the age.
  • Kanawha City Elementary and Horace Mann are both loaded with out-of-area students. 
  • The NRA didn't turn on Manchin; Manchin turned on the Constitution, which he swore to uphold.
  • The City of Charleston has fewer police officers today than it did in 1985. The user fee is supposed to supply us with police officers and street paving. Where is that money going?


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