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Your vents, Thursday, June 20

* State troopers and deputies need to do something about the bikers who are taking over bars in the local area.

* Hanna Drive needs help. We've got houses of drug sellers and other crimes here. Where are the police?

* Hospitals need to give everyone a fair wage, not just the registered nurses and administrators.

* I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed Brad McElhinny's column "Almost Heaven" the most of any that I've read. Period. Thank him for all of us West Virginians.

* A hanging is too good for this guy Snowden. He is a traitor to this country and threatens the security of our children.

* This is to the person who received the $50. Don't worry about who gave it to you. Just pay it forward.

* Please cut the grass on the corner of Oakwood and Smith roads in South Hills. It is about waist high and looks terrible.

* I agree that no one should ever be prosecuted for trying to seek mental health counseling.

* I thought the city of Charleston had an ordinance against cars parking on an unpaved parking lot like the one across the street from CAMC General's emergency room.

* Camp Creek Road in Boone County has very large potholes and the weeds also need to be cut.

* I am going to frame Brad McElhinny's West Virginia article for my out-of-state visitors to see. A lot of West Virginians live out of state and they would love to see this. It was a great article by a great man.

* The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum doesn't have any plaques stating Chuck Yeager's accomplishments. We need to start a campaign and get his name on something up there.

* Regarding teacher programs getting mediocre marks — get with it. Teach them with up-to-date methods. Find a balance between what you used 25 years ago and what is needed today. Students need more hands-on time, not more lecture time.

* You shouldn't have to pay a monthly service charge to the gas company if you go on the budget plan because they only have to take a meter reading once a year.

* No wonder Jim Justice is a rich man. He doesn't pay his bills and West Virginia gives him $1 million for his golf tournament. What else is new?

* Pertaining to computers — only people with computers could vote for pepperoni rolls as being the number one food in West Virginia. Well, the same thing happened with the presidential election — people with computers voted Obama in.

* Fat people, quit hiding behind handicapped stickers and get out and walk. You are just lazy.


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