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Your vents for Tuesday, June 25

  • Times have changed. In reference to your question regarding the last hanging in West Virginia: Maybe the question should have read, "...last legal hanging." If memory serves, Mr. Morgan killed two people. It is interesting that he committed the crime, was caught, tried and hanged within about 30 days.

  • Thanks, Obama and Congress, for putting me on furlough after I have served our country. It's a nice slap in the face from you.
  • Wow, the West Virginia 150th birthday special edition on June 20th is absolutely terrific. Thank you.
  • The last person I want to hear from on West Virginia day is Joe Manchin.
  • I want to know why the Legislature in Charleston isn't drug tested. They are down there making our laws and using our facilities.
  • The pepperoni roll is a 20th century food. The state food of West Virginia should be a 19th century food like the state is. How about pinto beans and cornbread?
  • When I worked for state government, it was stressed that we had to answer our phones quickly. Now if you call any agency, you have to leave a message. The governor needs to get on this and make them answer the phones like the previous governors did.
  • How do Marmet residents get by with riding their golf cart up and down the road? If I ride my four-wheeler, they are going to pull me over.
  • The damage of keeping your children away from their grandparents is not reversible. Everyone loses in this situation.
  • To lawful gun owners: What is wrong with background checks on firearms? If the only evidence at a crime scene is a gun, it is very possible the police will not be able to trace it back to its original owner. Get a life.
  • New York is losing it.  First, there will be no more sugar soft drinks or doughnuts or fast foods of any kind. Second, you cannot identify a crook by race, size or weight. Thank God I live in West Virginia, where a crook can be identified by his trail of beer cans and the size of rocks he is carrying.
  • I'm glad to see Joe Manchin stand up to the cowardly NRA. We have a senator in him who is not going to be told what to do and is not afraid of any special interest. Joe Manchin will be re-elected.
  • The United States should support the good guys. Who are the good guys in Syria? Is it the murderous repressive dictator or the murderous fanatic terrorists? Please, let's stay out of this one.
  • The recent report of the growth in West Virginia's economy on the global scene is most welcome news but we must not let down our guard. The EPA employees who moved to West Virginia en masse from a northern state are still here and working to undermine the coal industry.
  • So Obama has broken the law "dozens and dozens of times," huh? Name specific crimes, times and places, please. Accusations by gun nuts, right-wingers and fools are not crimes. Put up or shut up.
  • How did Manchin "turn on the Constitution" - whatever that phrase means? Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention background checks for gun purchases. Read the entire Second Amendment and maybe you'll comprehend what the Founding Fathers meant by it.
  • Where were all the protestors and the tea party when George W. Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress pushed the "Patriot Act" through into law? Could it be that George W. Bush was a white man (or "one of us"), and a professed Christian, and it was OK for him to spy on we good Christian white-folk?

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