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Your vents, Thursday, June 27, 2013

  • Danny Jones needs to fix the Charleston streets and roads. Where are the user-fee funds going? Please tell him to fix the roads.

  • The Union Mission has lost a lot of support since they created that mess of a lumberyard on their property. I won't support them again until they clean that mess up.
  • Why not confine your comments to matters of local interest? No one in Washington, D.C. cares what West Virginians think.
  • This is a suggestion to the Saturday Gazette-Mail. Please put the Vent Line and Reader's Voice on a separate page, not page 3, so those of us who call in vents would be able to cut them out when they are published. There might be some stuff on the opinion page like a cartoon that someone would want to cut out.
  • America, wake up. For the past two administrations the bureaucrats in Washington have enough systems to identify, classify and control what they deem to be politically incorrect segments of our population well beyond what is legitimate. Get involved.
  • To the person always harping about WVU joining the Big 12: Get it through your thick skull that they didn't really have any other choice.
  • Hospitals have too many beds and not enough of the right specialists. Then they keep building and building. They put money into more buildings.
  • If supporting the sanctity of life, responsible government spending and defending our liberties shows a low I.Q., may our tribe increase.
  • The FestivALL's Taste-of-All was nice, but we missed Main Kwong.
  • Being a church "attendee" or a church member doesn't make you a good or moral person.
  • I am somewhat frightened of terrorism in the United States, but I must say that I am absolutely terrified of the U.S. government anymore.
  • It is totally a shame and a big mistake to combine the ballot for the library and the school board. This should be changed so you can vote for each of them on a separate ballot so the library levy will pass.
  • We have those who are against background checks for gun purchases, but don't care if their phones are tapped.
  • The air conditioning in the Department of Highways building always works on the first floor where the executives work. It is very hot where the rest of the employees work.
  • Dan Cook is wrong in his interpretation of Lincoln's Proclamation. April 21, 1863, was day one. That means 60 days from that day is June 19. The proclamation says "after 60 days" and that brings us to June 20.
  • Why is the city redoing the sidewalks on 6th Avenue? It is a back street. Why don't they fix the ones on 7th Avenue, a main street in front of the recreation center? It makes the center look bad and everyone walks on 7th Avenue.
  • There was a blonde guy who was whining and complaining during Corporate Cup. I sure wouldn't want to work with someone like that.
  • If the Senate passes the illegal immigration bill, they should be considered traitors.  Apparently they care more about illegals than the people they are supposed to represent.
  • If you let your dog dirty in my yard again, there will be poison in the yard the next time.
  • I loved, loved, loved Don Surber's June 20 article on The Granny State or the Vanilla State. It was well written.


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