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Your vents, Wednesday, July 3, 2013

  • If you think we have a fascist government, you better do some serious reading about Germany before and during World War II. I think most people know socialism is going to ruin our country - when you have more takers than givers the country is doomed.  And the fantastic senator we have in Washington is of the party who has us in this mess.

  • If people are interested in climate, there are books in the library that explain that climate is ever changing down through time. I suppose Obama thinks he should take over from God and preordain our future. What an ego. If the world survived the Industrial Revolution of the late 1700s, we can survive a little debris from the retrieval of coal.
  • Who wants free orange juice when you can have government cheese?
  • Joe Manchin's commercial on gun background checks proves that politicians bow to the NRA. Manchin tells viewers to call the NRA in support of background checks when people actually need to call the politicians in Washington in support of background checks.
  • When Hillary Clinton said, "At this point, what does it really matter," she was speaking of the attack on Benghazi being called a "riot" or a "terrorist attack." What it was called meant nothing then and means nothing now. The real questions are, how could we have prevented it, how can we prevent future attacks, why was security lax, why did Congress cut funding for embassy security, and why didn't the military get called in?
  • I sleep well at night knowing I never cast a vote for Obama.
  • I try to read the Vent Line every day. Sometimes the vents are serious concerns, but other times they are ridiculous and even amusing. When I read the vent about the Swaggart program, I couldn't believe someone would think it should be removed because they just did not like it. I had the same thought as I read, "You have a device called a remote. Please use it."
  • Will the taxpayers have to revolt by not paying taxes to get government spending reduced?
  • I'm backing Sen. Manchin. Most people want background checks. The NRA sounds like they want criminals to be armed to the teeth. Just to clarify my political preference, I'm not a Democrat.
  • I guess the government of South Charleston is now going to dictate who you will allow to live in your home. If I were a homeowner I would probably tell them to shove off and instruct the people to tell them that they are guests, not boarders.
  • In a couple of weeks our 401(k)s will be back to 201(k)s like it was in 2009 .
  • My dog eats at home and messes in your yard, so go ahead and put your poison out.
  • President Obama claims he will heal the planet of climate change but has no interest in cleaning up the corruption at the IRS.
  • I will have a big 2013 tax liability. I believe that rather than filing next year that I'll just plead the Fifth Amendment.
  • No one in Washington, D.C. cares what anyone at all in the United States thinks or believes except for the people who are here illegally.
  • What is going on with the Weather Channel? What is their hurry? You have to be a speed reader to read their forecasts.
  • I'm calling about the congested traffic on Jefferson Road in South Charleston. There are a lot of jerks who travel ahead of us and then some idiot lets them into our line instead of them merging behind us. Is there something that can be done about this situation?
  • Thank you for cleaning the Winfield veteran's memorial. It looks fantastic.


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