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Your vents, Friday, July 5

* As we celebrate this July 4 holiday I find it sad that the principles, protections and goals our forefathers risked their lives, fortunes and reputations for have been thrown away like refuse.

* Why hasn't George Zimmerman been charged with using the "N" word? He admitted that he used it.

* Politicians are nothing but liars and crooks, so wise up people.

* Come on Hollywood and New York, actors and actresses and athletes around the country, you need to give a track chair to each and every veteran who needs one.

* I'm tired of being pushed around by power and treated like nothing.

 I don't live in Charleston, but I am a commercial truck driver and I'm on Interstate 64 all the time. People do not obey the speed limits and that is why there are accidents and people are dying.

n Once again the state is losing jobs and now it is the maker of Beretta. Re-call Joe.

* The picture in Saturday's paper shows citizens from Mingo County being met by the police at the State Capitol. That is how they show who the government really belongs to.

* Gas coming from the White House scares me more than anything coming from a power plant or from a coal mine.

* Come on America and make a deal with Russia — we will trade Obama for Snowden.

* They have added a whole bunch of pork to the immigration bill. Don't you think Sen. Byrd would tell them the way to cut it out? I miss Sen. Byrd.

* People in our neighborhood are feeding the bears and now the bears are down inside our neighborhood. Who do you call about this?

* A true Christian would never disparage another person by using the "N" word and I can't see Jesus approving of it either.

* Now the two worst presidents in America's history are reuniting in Africa. George W. Bush and Barack Obama are over there now. How ironic is that?

* I was always under the impression this country elected a president and not a dictator. Thank goodness the Republicans are in control of the House or we would really be in trouble.

* Since we can't talk on cellphones and have to wear seatbelts I wonder if we can make citizen's arrests of police who drive and talk on cellphones?

* I want to thank the Putnam brand for stepping up and standing by Paula Deen. This shows what the owners of this company are made of. We are supposed to forgive one another. I will be buying your products if I can find them. I live in Florida and would like to know where to purchase them.


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