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Your vents, Tuesday, July 9

* Banning the standard use of cell phones while driving is ridiculous. Cell phone users should file a class action lawsuit challenging the law.

* I ordered a Paula Deen cookbook. I know she has plenty of money. I did it to make a statement about the politically correct stupidity surrounding her situation.

* West Virginia to Beretta: We don't want you.

* Tea Party demonstrations resulted in virtually no arrests or property damage. The "occupy movement" is a very different story. Nearly 8,000 arrests and have cost taxpayers millions of dollars in damages to buildings, cars, and blocking workers' access to their jobs. I guess a higher IQ is needed to toss a Molotov cocktail.

* Thanks to Tasty Blend Foods of Teays Valley for sticking with Paula Deen. We've all made plenty of mistakes and will continue to do so — that's life.

* I purchased a sesquicentennial coin and I am far from rich. I chose to spend $50 on something I thought was a nice keepsake. You choose how you spend your money. Not everything is free.

* City of Charleston: we don't need the graffiti lightened, we need it removed. It would be nice if you'd respond when we catch the thugs in the act, too.

* Learn to drive or stay home.

* Shame on Mayor Callaway of St. Albans for blaming God for his backed up sewers and drains. The fault is his and his street department, not God.

* Joe Haynes said he was not aware of the financial situation at the health department in Putnam County. If he didn't know that, maybe he should resign as a Putnam County commissioner as well.

* I believe the fact that Juan Williams is an articulate black man on television is the reason he upsets so many people around here.

* Congratulations Charleston. Way to go. The Wednesday fireworks were spectacular and everyone seemed to enjoy them.

* I applaud Sen. Manchin for his support of background checks. He stands up for what is right and not what is popular.

* Bring back John Boy and Billy on 107.3's morning radio and get rid of these other guys.

* From one end of Delaware Avenue to the Kanawha Boulevard is nothing but a war zone. Why don't the police straighten that place up?

* People have different values and goals. I might not care to live ostentatiously because that isn't important to me, but it is important for me to help my children and grandchildren and see them enjoy some of it now.

* John Porter is doing a marvelous job on the gardening article in the Life section.  He knows his stuff and I think the public can count on him for any gardening questions they may have.

* There is no criminal offense for using the "n" word.




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