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Your Vents, Thursday, July 11

* If you think Jimmy Swaggart should be taken off the air because you don't like to watch him, all you have to do is change the channel.

* Thank you, Tim Tucker, for the ride for me and my five dogs on your flatbed from the Fourth of July parade in Buffalo.

* Please tell me how Obama has disgraced the office of the presidency?

* No one pays for the education of other people's children. You're paying for the education of your future business owners, lawyers, ministers, doctors etc. It is your future you are paying for.

* I sincerely hope the Virginia Tech Hokies required a damage deposit from WVU before agreeing to play football in Morgantown.

* I miss Paula Deen.

* When we are leaving South Charleston and get onto the Kanawha Turnpike at exit 55 from Interstate 64 there is so much foliage that you can't see traffic coming until it is right up on you.

* This is for the hero-hater. Honey, you win first prize to be the horse's heinie. Have a good day, honey.

* Thanks for the Vent Line. It provides a good community service. It has fulfilled its purpose very well.

* People can be polite while voicing their concerns. Maybe we need to have a positive comment line sometimes.

* It takes a sad person to steal from a yard sale.

* Why does Fox News think it has to have constant coverage of a plane crash in San Francisco? It cuts into many good prime-time shows. There is no sense in this. I know a lot of people are interested in it, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families.

* Atheists aren't afraid of Christians, but their god Satan is. He knows his time is very short.

* Paula Deen got shafted because of internal special interests, individuals or groups who wanted to get rid of her. That is the only reason why a person who used the "n" word 30 years ago could be treated like this. Sen. Byrd was in the KKK years ago and wasn't treated like this. It smells like a rat. I believe in justice and fairness.

* At least George Bush didn't command the military to stand down like Obama did concerning Benghazi because it was going to interfere with his election.

* You've never been forced to watch Paula Deen; you could always change the channel.

* Hats off to Nitro and Bill Fortune for the first Taste of Nitro event. The church's activity and the food division were super. We hope you will have another Taste of Nitro next year.

* The American dream killers were MBAs with no compassion or common sense. Only money and greed matter. Their partners are the baby boomers, who keep screaming for higher returns on investments. They should all act in the best interests of their fellow Americans. Bring the jobs back to our shores.

* I love Kroger. My nephew started out there and worked his way up to zone manager. I'm so proud of him.


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