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Your Vents, Monday, July 15

* Tasty Blend of Putnam County is showing common sense by standing behind Paula Deen. I bought several packets of their gravy mix and gave it to my friends who also believe in her. Tasty Blend, thank you, and I support you.

* I support background checks for politicians.

* Joe Haynes said he was not aware of the financial situation of the Putnam County Health Department. I live in Putnam County. Maybe I should go to some meetings to see if he knows anything.

* The reason Juan Williams upsets so many people is that he is much too liberal.

* I don't think you ran enough pictures of Brian Hemphill on Tuesday morning. Maybe you could run a full page of him.

* My nephews, brothers and I went to ride the Hatfield-McCoy Trails on ride our ATVs. My family is from out of state and we were stopped and told they couldn't ride without a ticket from the W.Va. DMV. If they want me to pay taxes and support that trail when my family cannot ride on it, good luck. They won't get more of my money.

* With the recent West Side shootings I guess the police haven't given away enough bottled water and pop. I guess they need to give away some more to stop the shootings.

* The time is now for a two-term limit on all elected offices in West Virginia.

* With all of Obama's crimes he makes Nixon look like a choirboy. Think about it. They are all just covering up now. They are all crooks.

* I'm sure glad for West Virginia's sake that Honey Boo-Boo isn't from here.

* I have not seen people riding on the St. Albans bike trail except one man who was picking up cans.

* Regarding GW transfers, I think a rule is a rule. Teachers shouldn't be able to bring in their out-of-area children if there are no transfers into the school. I can't take my children to work with me for my convenience.

* People who work with Paula Deen say she uses that language all the time, and it's not political correctness, it's respect.

* The PSC said they have received few protests against a raise for the water company. Please call them and protest. If our water goes up, so does the sewer rate.

* Jeff Hutchinson would have been fired if he had been working in the private sector.

* You just don't like Obama and you never will so get over it. He'll be out of office at the end of this term.

* If you are submitting an obituary to the paper and your loved one was a woman and had been married or divorced, please put her maiden name. I know I miss a lot of obituaries of people I know because families don't put in their maiden names along with their last names.

* If seat belts save lives, why aren't they required on school buses? Doesn't the W.Va. Legislature care about the lives of children?  

* Why isn't Obama's EPA shutting down the Mexican volcano? It is spewing more sulfur dioxide, ash and other particulates into our atmosphere than our power plants could ever do.

* Sen. Manchin must be getting the best of the NRA. They sure are spending a lot of money sending out lies against him. When they send their mailing lies out I am just going to write "return to sender" on them. I suggest everyone who supports Sen. Manchin do the same.

* CAMC advertises they are good but I'm sick and tired of them.


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