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Your vents, Thursday, July 18

* George Zimmerman, Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson are all pathological liars.

* This is an education question. Today the traffic light at Thomas Hospital on MacCorkle Avenue was out and flashing. While waiting to turn onto Division Street not one person traveling on MacCorkle Avenue or going west stopped or slowed down and this should have been treated as if it was a four-way stop sign. Even big trucks kept right on trucking.

* The union must have built the PSC building.

* This is a thought to the business owners in Nitro. We probably will never know if it would have been cheaper just to demolish the bridge to build another one because the financial information has been kept a secret.

* Obama has increased the debt; admitted to smoking pot; and taken money from Medicare. Do you need more examples of how he has disgraced his office?

* Property taxes pay for the education of other people's children and when they grow up to be professionals I have to pay them for their services. They aren't mine so why do I have to pay for their education?

* I suggest that Rev. Snedegar and Commissioner John Cox realize that when the word Hell is used in the Bible it is in the most serious and sober terms and I'm not amused by their license plates.

* Ten thousand people could have shown up at the PSC meeting about a raise for the water company to protest the raise and the raise would still have been approved.

* Putnam County should take a look at their circuit court judges. One has put someone on home confinement who should be in jail. This person is guilty of having two DUIs as well as a felony.  

* Justin Bieber should stop acting like a punk. He is a poor example to our children.

* People should do something about runners on the streets during down-pouring rain and when it is almost dark. The police are probably afraid of getting wet.

* There is more unemployment and the utilities continue to raise their rates. My decisions are whether to pay the power bill or go to the doctor; do I pay the water bill or go to the store for groceries?

* OK, so I can't be on the phone while driving. So when will you go after those people who drive with books on their steering wheel or with a dog hanging out of the driver's side window? How about going after the people who drive with their knees while they are eating with both hands?

* To the person who left her twin babies on a doorstep asking that they be taken to a hospital, I thank you. At least you cared enough to give them a chance at life. Many don't do that.

* On Ravinia Road when you turn down the road you cannot see and you have to pull out. People drive up and down Bridge Road really fast. There is going to be a bad accident if they don't stop speeding.

* Way to go Joe Holland. Stand up for your beliefs.

* I love, love, love reading the newsy articles about the National Scouting Jamboree each day. Keep it up.

* The other day I watched a cashier handle money and go right back to handling pizza with no gloves and without washing their hands at a St. Albans pizzeria. Also, another employee smoked in the bathroom. They have great pizzas but need some changes.


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