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Your Vents, Friday, July 19

* The wannabe lawyers screaming about their rights being violated at DUI and seat belt checkpoints are forgetting something important. Driving isn't a God-given Constitutional right. It's a privilege and can be taken away. Don't want to click it? So be it. Hope you enjoy riding your bike to work.

* I hate gun violence and crime as much as the next guy, but until you can guarantee more background checks will put a dent in crime and will never ever lead to gun confiscation, I will not support it. It won't help stop crime and our corrupt politicians in Washington don't need any more information to be used against us later.

* As an 80-year-old conservative (registered Independent) I applaud Obama for pressing for clean air and water. I need clean air to breathe every second and clean water to drink every day. As an engineer, I have 50 years of experience fighting for clean air. Millions die prematurely because of pollution, including children. West Virginia has the highest level of asthma among children due in large part to coal dust and burning coal.

* In 2006, U.S. Diplomat David Foy was killed in an attack in Pakistan. In 2003, nine Americans died in consulate attack in Riyadh. Bush had 13 Benghazis during his two terms.

* I'm taking doctor-prescribed medications for legitimate illnesses. You would not believe the red tape I have to go through to obtain my medications from the pharmacy, all because we have so many drug heads that abuse my type of medications.

* If you disagree with Joe Holland's stand against the government, you are part of the problem, not the solution. Because of people like you, our next generation might not know what true freedom is.

* People say you should be glad to pay for the education for kids even if you don't have any because they will be the next generation of doctors, lawyers and business owners. But believe me, it won't be free then, so therefore, you are paying for that education twice, now and again later.

* Week after week, we've all been bombarded with the Zimmerman murder trial. Now that the verdict was reached and the trial is over, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, and Fox  News are stirring up racial unrest by making their own "breaking news" stories about their take on the verdict. Disgusting.

* Mr. Zimmerman has won this "battle" but I am afraid he has just started on a long "war" yet to be won. Only time will tell the real outcome of this tragic event.

* One driver can't enter the interstate without traffic slowing down for them. Another can't exit because of foliage. We've become a society of non-drivers. Maybe these two drivers need to hang up their keys before they drive through the front of a building and blame it on a mechanical problem.

* If the trial of Trayvon Martin had nothing to do with race, why wasn't there a black on the jury? That shows there was some kind of conspiracy.

* Bush may have taken more vacation days, mostly to Texas, but Obama is by far the biggest spender.

* The Putnam County Animal Shelter kills too many animals.

* If I found someone following me, how would I know if they were going to rob me or beat me up? All neighborhood watch people should wear a vest or something to identify who they are. If you have nothing to hide just stop and say "hey."

* Aug. 9 is way too early to start school. What will happen when the air conditioners break down and our children are sitting in an 85-90 degree room? The heat hurts education.



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