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Your vents, Tuesday, July 23

* The United States is a country of law and order and someone needs to tell that to Eric Holder. He needs to forget the Florida trial and move on. He is a waste.

* Current Republicans are purely and simply dishonest. They pledge to work with Democrats and then they flat-out refuse. They are obviously not interested in what America's public needs. They are only interested in their own power.

* Please try to have patience with us older folks. Almost everything we have hurts, leaks or has quit working altogether.

* The media should be covering the murder trial at Fort Hood instead of being all over the Zimmerman trial.

* I know West Virginia farmers who cannot hire someone to come and help them harvest their crops. They are even offering free green beans to lure them to work, but I guess there is too much welfare and too many lazy people.

* I would like to thank the woman who runs the thrift shop in Marmet for her generous donation to our church youth ministry and our food pantry. She is truly doing the Lord's work. May God bless her and keep up the good work.

* I thank God for men who have moral backbone like Attorney General Patrick Morrissey and Joe Holland and I pray more like them will come forward. It is very refreshing.

* I'm still seeing people using cellphones while driving. Seriously, something needs to be done about this.

* Immigration reform is just code for "let's add more Democrats to the voter rolls."

* When national health care includes all government workers and all elected officials, then the American people will seriously consider accepting it.

* Bush never tried to lie, deny or cover up embassy attacks on his watch. It's one thing to have something unexpected happen. It's a crime to sit back and allow something you've been warned about to happen.

* The city of St. Albans has many problems. The underpass to U.S. 60 is filthy. Many properties are unkempt and a disgrace. Roads are deplorable and in need of repair. Grass along highways remains uncut. Sewer drainage problems continue to flood many basements. Waterlines remain substandard. Yet we re-elected a mayor with a history of doing nothing.

* Anyone who believes that President Obama is a bigger spender than George W. Bush apparently failed math in high school.

* State, county and city officials need to look into the traffic situation at the Nitro Pilot truck stop. Anytime traffic from the truck stop backs up the interstate exit ramp, Pilot needs to be fined. This is a poorly designed and managed business. Local drivers are inconvenienced by it everyday.

* The most unionized city in the country just went bankrupt. Who would have thought that would happen?

* The Sternwheel Regatta soccer tournament by itself pumped more money into the area than all Multifest and yuppie-fest events combined. Sadly they decided we needed a change in local events. Now instead of drawing people in from other states, we draw them in from South Hills.

* History will show this president and his administration was the most detached and dysfunctional group ever. They have no idea what they are doing.


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