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Your vents, Wednesday, July 24

* Smoking is not cool unless it is salmon.

* It is totally absurd to start school so early. The school board has lost their minds. What is wrong with a schedule that runs Labor Day to Memorial Day? Cut out the teacher-out days and give a week off at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. My kids are out of school nearly as much as they are in.

* When we refer to children, there are babies, children, preteen and teenagers. I keep hearing that a 17 year old is a child. I was married at 17 and had a child at 19; I was an adult at 17. Why do other people consider a person at age 17 a child? Get real.

* If television would not feature the civil disobedience as the result of the Zimmerman verdict, I doubt the violence would have spread. The cameras need to be in the hands of more responsible people and wise managers need to be in charge of the topics aired.

* Brine from fracking put in wells polluting drinking water comes when the state is strapped for money. State leaders vote OK to allow it in the name of jobs. They should leave office and be convicted of poisoning. We pay cost of all cleanup while oil barons go free. Sissonville and Fayetteville areas will suffer.

* Venters should not be worried about President Obama, who is making our country economically sound. Be mad at CEOs and Republicans who want you to be paid below livable wages and stuff their pockets with fruits of your hard labor.

* The average voter will vote for a person because they recognize the name, not because they know his record. Joe Manchin won his first couple elections because people thought they were voting for A. James Manchin. By the time they realized the difference it was too late.

* I would love to have those big beautiful elk running around the state of West Virginia. Bring them on.

* On one of his police calls, Zimmerman used profanities to describe the people he was calling about. He was racially profiling them.

* What are our elected officials doing to keep West Virginia's water safe and affordable? The water crisis isn't the next big thing; it is an emergency now.

* I think the GW teachers should be talking to their coaches to see how they keep bringing in athletes and then they close it to the children of the teachers. Explain that one to me.

* Who decided to turn the air conditioning down in capitol building number five in this 90 degree weather? The lower floors stay cool but the upper floors are very hot.

* Edward Snowden is a traitor to our country.  I don't always agree with Leonard Pitts but in his Saturday column he hit the nail on the head. Only left wing individuals would believe that Snowden is a hero.

* Why does our president always put down the judicial system and anything to do with law and order?

* I retired as a school cook at the age of 65. My monthly income before taxes and insurance is $560. After reading the monthly retirement salary of teachers, maybe I should give back my retirement to help feed them.

* If school buses had seat belts and there was an emergency there is no way the driver could go through and release all of the kids' seat belts so that is why they don't have them.


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