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Your vents, Tuesday, July 30

* Ryan Braun is so stupid. He is suspended for 65 games for using performance-enhancing drugs to play a game. And he loses $9 million of his salary while not playing.

* I'd like to know why the DOH doesn't pick up the mattress that has been leaning against a guardrail on Call Road near the Sissonville fire station for almost a month.

* I'd like to know why police handcuff prisoners in the front. That is why we lost two state troopers. They should handcuff them behind their backs.

* Gateway Shopping Center in St. Albans is a disgrace. The parking lot is full of holes. It is dangerous for people walking. Please repair it before someone gets hurt.

* Vote "No" on the Kanawha County levy.

* Why does the seventh floor of Building Six at the Capitol look so bad? The floor is nasty and it is terrible that people have to work in such conditions.

* In this world of chaos, the baby born as the future king of England was a wonderful reprieve from bad news. I'm excited about the little baby boy. I felt that way when my granddaughter was born two years ago. I am ecstatic for William and Kate.

* It is not up to taxpayers to bail out cities that cannot pay their bills due to their own overspending. It must be stopped now.

* I hope Anthony Weiner's wife gets counseling. She should be made aware that she doesn't have to put up with his antics, and that any woman could do better than him.

* Who really cares about the new royal baby? I guess it must be some women who dream of living in luxury as Cinderella while people stand in bread lines here in America. The coverage is really overkill for us in this declining country.* We can do better than to have Anthony Weiner in

public office again.

* How sad for the tragedy to Trayvon Martin and his family, but as usual, Al Sharpton is exploiting things for every dime it's worth.

* In all of the Patriot Coal rallies I only saw one Republican politician present, and that was the mayor of Charleston. I guess there is one Republican, who has a heart for retired coal miners.

* How can Leonard Pitts write his smart aleck remarks in the paper and no one says a word about it?

* To the reader concerned about elk being reintroduced into West Virginia: When was the last time an elk hurt someone's grandchild?

* Where was justice for Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman when they were butchered by O.J. Simpson — and he was found to be not guilty?

* Regarding head injuries and concussions: If football players were boxers, they would be suspended by the boxing commission for 30 days before they could continue.

* Men cannot find pants shorter than 30-inch length and it costs more to have them shortened and hemmed than you pay for purchasing the pants, so that is why I just roll up my pants.

* Has anyone else had trouble with the D.U.I  interlock system in their car? Your car breaks down and you take it back over there and they say it isn't their system, it's your car.


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